Monday, April 07, 2014

Henna Time is Finally Here! Friday 4/11/14 at The Midnight Sun

It is warm enough, often enough, for a good start to henna season. Recently clients have been phoning for henna appointments. Here are a few answers to the FAQ of temporary body art.

1) Henna is available on Friday from 12:30 pm - 6:00 pm at The Midnight Sun.
2) No appointment is required for Friday service.
3) Henna is never black, the photos of black henna are paste on the skin.
4) Henna tattoo lasts longest if you take good care of your skin after the tattoo is applied.
5) Henna prices start at $15 and go up from there. That is the minimum price for adults.
5) Henna belongs on the hands, arms, feet and legs.
6) I do not put henna on the face or neck.
7) Henna tattoo is actually a heat activated body stain this means:

  • The longer the paste stays on your skin the darker the finished color will be.
  • The hotter it is, the more your pores open, and the deeper the finished color.
  • Keeping olive oil on the finished design helps your color last longest.
  • Keeping your design out of chlorinated water preserves the design. 
  • Please, no lotion on skin!! Henna does not penetrate moisturizer. 
  • Henna can be applied to all skin colors. 
If you have additional questions, please visit Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo

Friday, January 17, 2014

Traditional Henna Patterns for the Back of the Hands

I do not offer henna tattoo for sale during cold weather months as it is much more difficult for clients to get good color, however,  I did a henna for a visiting friend.

We were able to keep the paste on skin wet for awhile by applying lemon sugar. As well, once the paste was glazed and dry, I wrapped her hands, first in tissue, then in plastic food service style gloves.

Wrapping henna provides a way for the henna to "heat up" and the pores of the skin to open to receive the dye. Here is a photo of the pattern with paste on the skin.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Henna Tattoo This Friday - 7/12/13 - at The Midnight Sun.

Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo will offer all styles of henna body art for you this Friday, 7/12/13, at The Midnight Sun located at 1055 Park Street in Riverside. Walk-ins are welcome! Artists should be on site @ 2PM.

Pictured here is a quick, traditional henna tattoo for a Mom on the go! Keeping the paste off the wrist ensures that the design will be easy to wear throughout the day.

There is plenty of space around her wedding ring, so no worries there, and the vine pattern moves easily with the fingers.

A little spritz of lemon/sugar ensures that this paste will stay in place and give a nice finished color.

One of the secrets of a successful henna paste is to add herbs and spices that cause the paste to adhere to the skin. I have found that fenugreek is a great addition to help make henna paste easy to work with. Fenugreek also makes it easy to draw nice long lines that don't break.

Of course I am using a combination of three very fine henna powders from the Henna Sooq to ensure you get the best color possible.

Designs start at $15 and go up from there. As always there are plenty of pattern books to choose from, our you can visit my portfolio on line at my website - Spirit Vision Henna. Feel welcome to call to for more information. Th 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Henna Tattoo to Celebrate Preganancies

Here is a lovely hearts and flowers style tattoo that an expectant mother choose to celebrate the birth of a daughter.

It was a pleasure to do this henna, and baby was quite helpful, very still during the process.

I always make a special paste for expecting mothers, and am sure that all essential oils used in the paste are safe for pregnancy.

If you are thinking of celebrating the upcoming birth of your child, please notice that it is important to wear clothing that will allow the paste to remain on your skin in an undisturbed way.

Low rider pants or an elastic waistband in skirt or pant makes it easy to keep the henna safe. A crop top or other blouse that can be pulled out of the way also ensures that the design will be able to rest on the skin as long as possible.

It is also wonderful to have a driver, so that you may recline on the way home, and watch out for the seat belt!! Some bring a towel to place between the henna and the seat belt. It is best to do this kind of henna now.... heat of the summer..... so that the paste can penetrate the skin as deeply as possible. For more information on why henna works, visit my FAQ page.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Henna Tattoo! The Rains is Away! Hot and Sunny Henna Time at The Midnight Sun

Come on over to The Midnight Sun this afternoon and indulge in the ancient body art of henna tattoo!

Pictured here is a more intricate pattern, a traditional style henna... and this is the paste on the skin.

After the paste has dried, it is removed and the rich reddish brown henna design is revealed.

Prices start at $15 and go up from there. Cash please! There are pattern books, photo albums, and galleries to look at for some inspiration.

This design is a "chef's choice pattern".. which means you tell the artist how much money you want to spend, what style of henna you like, and wait for henna to discover that pattern that is already there.

The paste used is fresh, hand made by the artist, and gives a deep and long lasting finished color.

How long does it take? In general a design can be applied in 5 to 10 minutes. Drying time maybe a bit longer... but then today you can go stand in the sun a few minutes and the paste should dry nicely.

A little spritz of lemon sugar glaze will help keep the paste on your skin. Best to leave the paste on as long as possible. The longer the paste remains, the better it penetrates the skin, and the darker your finished color will be.

No worries! Your artist will send you home with a lovely design and aftercare instructions. Henna starts @ 2pm today at 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204.

FMI - call 904-993-7466.