Monday, April 17, 2006

Yemeni Henna - finished color for back of hand tattoo

yemeni henna paste finished colorHere is a photo of the finished color for that great tattoo from BLU salon! The client left the paste on her skin for about four hours to get this great dark color!
This henna paste was made of Yemeni henna... the Hadrmi powder just recently reviewed, Geranium Bourbon essential oil, Lavender essential oil, some Tea Tree.. lemon juice & perhaps several drops of clove oil. That's it.
The henna powder was blended to be on the wet side as people usually want simple designs when the just drop in for some body art... as well, they often want tattoo on the arms, legs or feet.. so a wet blend give a dark color in all those spots!
I will be at BLU again this Saturday.......... maybe I'll see you there. Peace! Ann George

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Mistress99 said...

Very pretty henna tattoos! Also just love your site. I myself am starting a site on body painting

So check out my body painting blog, thanks! Looking forward to your comment.