Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jamila Henna Powder - 2006 crop - on sale!

jamila henna powderGreat color right!! I took this photo of my own hand about 36 hours after the henna paste was removed. I am holding the new 35gm box of Jamila Henna powder.
The amazingly fresh 2006 crop of Jamila henna is ready to sell. ( I finally put the shopping cart on line).
I have two sizes for sale - the 35 gm box of foil sealed super fine henna.. and the 100 gm box!
The small box makes enough for 3 or 4 cones of paste (using my recipe anyway.) If you don't make up henna very often, then choose the smaller box.
The 100 gm box makes lots! I am still using the first one I opened, and I am making two fresh cones a week.
Click the title of this post to get to my henna website.. and the shopping carts.
Stay tuned for more photos.

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