Thursday, September 07, 2006

Henna - a pregnant belly tattoo - tribal sun style

tribal sun tattoo in henna for pregnancy

Here's a photo I meant to post awhile ago.
I am so fortunate to have so many henna clients who choose wonderful designs that sometimes it is hard to know what to publish.

Here is a tribal sun for C ... and of course, her new baby. I mix a special henna paste for pregnant women.
It is basically the same as all others, but I double check the essential oils I have to be certain that none of them are contra indicated for pregnant women.

A few I avoid are cajeput and clove. I have seen many sites that suggestion that clove oil not be added to henna paste, but in my 5 years of experience.. a drop or two has not yet caused any problems.


Unknown said...

Never understood why somebody wants a tattoo yoyu lose afterwards

skugga1302 the tattoo artist

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,you do TOTALLY AWESOME work with your henna designs!And I especially LOVE this design because it's very artistic and you left her BEAUTIFUL innie bellybutton dye free!!!