Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gilding - Glitter Body Art - Gilded Tribal Design

It is exciting to be able to offer dazzling temporary body art for those who want the beauty of henna designs without the commitment to a one to three week experience.

In addition to gilding, there is cocktail body art & embroidary body art as alternatives to henna tattoo. What I like about these art forms is the fluid style of henna is recreated with other mediums.
Here's a gilded tribal henna tattoo for the fingers. (Sometimes it's hard for people to choose a full hand tattoo.) The henna is the reddish brown stain, the rest is gold body powder, crimson body powder, black body paint & silver gel glitter to make the little diamonds.

This design stays right on the skin! The henna is the temporary stain, but the rest of the products (gels, paints & powders) are theater quality, so they will last until you wash them off.

Be sure to click HERE for more information & a photo by a master! Namaste.. Ann

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