Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Darkest Henna Stains

Here is the Kanji symbol for honor, embellished with a tribal design. Do you see it hidden there?

This design was applied to the back of the upper arm, which is often a very difficult place to get a dark color.

Click the title of this post for helpful hints about things you can do to get the deepest henna stain from the "Goddess of Henna", Catherine Cartwright-Jones.

I follow many of her suggestions, and always try to make the best paste possible so that you will get the best henna tattoo every time.

When you come for your tattoo at Midnight Sun, I will give you a little paper to read & sign. Many helpful hints about how to get the best color are included on that paper.. so please have a read.
(Please note: this is a photo of the henna paste still on the skin! This raised black paste is scrapped of to reveal the finished tattoo).

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