Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Abstract Lotus Palm & Henna Tips

Here is a quick henna tattoo for the palm. It is possible to get henna on your palm & do all sorts of daily activities.. you just have to stay away from water for a while.

My new henna recipe seems to be the best yet. The recipe creates a paste that easily stays on the skin. Instead of adding fructose, (apparently I can't measure that correcty) I add a bit of pomegranet juice concentrate to the finished paste. This little bit of natural sugar seems to keep the henna on the skin nicely.

I also decided to put my lemon sugar glaze in a little spray bottle this year. This works great! Instead of dabbing little bits of lemon glaze on a design with a Q-Tip, I just give the finished pattern a qucik spritz. My clients love it!

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