Monday, August 20, 2007

Thirty Minute Henna Hand

traditional henna pattern for back of hand fine lines

I must thank Cindy for the "loan" of her hand. She made it possible for me to practice a new design, as fast as I could.

The tip of the cone was cut very small, which made it easy to do her fingers, and all the fine lines on the back of her hand. To get the heavier lines I had to double some of the fine lines, which took a bit longer than I wanted it to.

I started at the fingertips and worked backward from there. I wanted to be sure that the ribbon that "draped" the back of the hand was in the proper place & the easiest was was backwards.

Of course I now have my super portable, very comfortable, ne,w drum chairs which make the henna process so much easier.

I got them at Midnight Sun of course! They are little round bamboo stools that look like djembes colorful, water-proof and very steady to sit on.

Cindy's hand is resting on the top of the stool (they make great photo backdrops as well.)

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