Friday, January 30, 2009

Henna Tattoo Pattern Booklets from India

indian henna pattern bookletHere is a lovely little henna pattern booklet that is for sale at Spirit Vision Henna. Click the title of this post to purchase this book, or others like it. I have learned so much about traditional henna design by studying these little collections.

When I first saw many of the patterns in booklets like this one, I was overwhelmed! Henna presented a new way of thinking about line, movement, pattern & space... it was dazzling. As well, it was hard for me to know where to start a pattern, how to lay it out and of course how to create all that intricate detail without making a smudgy mess of it all.

Over the past six years, I have come to know that the quality & thickness of the paste makes all the difference... not only in easy of application, the ability to draw fine lines, but also in the final color. Thus, the quality and freshness of the henna powder are essential to a good outcome. I still use Jamila Henna mixed with lemon juice, essential oils & my spiced henna tea to make a fragrant paste that goes on quickly.

I am please to have been able to import a good collection of henna pattern books. If you don't like this one, stop by my site to see the others. Namaste!

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Bella said...

the henna patter booklet displays wide array of designs that are all amazing, from the simplest to the most intricate of designs one could have imagined..
Wow! I personally love henna tattoo because it's organic and safer than ink tattoos, and I appreciate the idea that it doesn't last so, you can have different designs every time..
Thanks for sharing this^_^

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