Saturday, March 07, 2009

Henna Season At The Midnight Sun - Appointments Welcome

henna tattoo  on back of hand henna patternHenna Season starts today at The Midnight Sun. Spirit Vision Henna will offer henna tattoo from Noon 'til 5:00m today.. Saturday 3/7/09.

There are lots of pattern books to look through, or you may order a chef's choice henna like the one pictured on the left. Chef's choice makes it easy to get a design you like at price you can afford.

Simple patterns start at $15.00 this year. If you just want some tiny little jewel tattoo, also fine. Those are $10 and take under 5 minutes.

Please visit the FAQ page for quick answer to all those first henna questions such as l where can I put a henna tattoo, how long does it last, what colors does it come in.

You will receive aftercare instructions as well so that you get the best color possible. Walk-in clients are welcome!

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