Friday, April 16, 2010

Henna Tattoo at The Midnight Sun • Saturday April 17, 2010

Stop by the shop Noon thirty-ish this Saturday for henna tattoo by Ann George.

Pictured in this blog is a photo of an African tribal style henna which shows henna paste on the back of the hand, and paste and finished color on the inner wrist... notice the inner wrist tattoo is outlined again with henna paste.

Henna can last one week or more, depending on where you put the tattoo, how long you leave the paste on the skin, and other factors.

The Sankofa pattern on the wrist had faded a bit, so we outlined the original design with fresh henna paste to give a two-toned effect.

Once the henna paste is scraped off the skin, the bird will have a darker outline and an inner color.

Please know that all henna pastes are different. At the Midnight Sun you will get an informed consent to sign before you have your henna tattoo. This will tell you all the ingredients in the paste ( made fresh by Ann George! ), as well as how to take care of your body art.

An Spirit Vision, we do not use black henna, and make every effort to ensure that you have a traditional henna experience. Of course there are other artists in town, so please remember that each will have their own paste, pattern sets and aftercare instructions.

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