Thursday, May 13, 2010

Contemporary Henna Pattern - for the active woman

Here is a photo of a henna tattoo (paste is on the skin - not black henna) for the active woman.

You will see that there is a lacy henna pattern on the palm, rather whimsical, yet incorporating traditional components.

However, the fingers and thumbs are free of henna paste, so work can continue for the three to six hours necessary to get the darkest henna color.

The palm will always show the true beauty of henna.. yielding colors ranging from rose, to red.. and in some cases, with good aftercare, black cherry red.

To ensure the darkest color, leave the paste on the skin as long as possible. It is also good to enjoy the outdoors! Heat is good for henna, water is not.

If you want your henna color to last as long as possible, no matter where you put it... the once you remove the paste, cover the design with olive oil to seal in the color & some body heat.

If you must wash anything.. please remember .. a bit of olive oil over the henna tattoo keeps water out and color in. For more information on the henna tattoo process, visit the FAQ page on my site.

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