Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do Henna Designs Mean Anything?

Here is a henna tattoo design that does have a meaning. It is a bride and groom in an embellished heart.

Although in this case, the tattoo is done as a small decorative jewel in the palm, it could easily be incorporated into the more extensive or elaborate Bridal Henna.

The images here are very traditional in that the man is wearing a head dress, the woman a nose ring that is often worn by Hindu brides.

The best color always happens in the palm of the hand, and if you have a bit of patience, and perhaps a friend who will drive the car, you too can enjoy the rich deep red color that comes from placing henna in the palm.

The color of love......... this is a photo of the paste, which appears black, on the skin. When the paste is removed, the finished color develops over the next 48 hours.

Stop by the Midnight Sun this Friday for some Henna!!!! It will be First Friday, but henna will be offered from 1PM  until....... Best to call for an appointment if you plan to come in the late afternoon.  


Unknown said...

You are right henna mean you can design anything what you thought at tattoos design time. Information about Henna Tattoos is nice. I like Design of tattoos where bride and groom in a heart.

Unknown said...

Henna Tattoo Design is an Art which makes bride more beautiful on her wedding day. Bride always looks for having a Dark mahendi color on her palm, as in Indian culture it is a Women's belief that darker the henna color deeper the love her husband gives her in entire life.