Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Henna Tattoo at Bead Here Now - First Friday in Five Points

Spirit Vision Henna is offering a special on palm patterns for the First Friday party at Bead Here Now. Take the plunge, and put henna where henna loves to be, on the palm of the hand.

Henna gives the deepest, darkest, finished color on the palm of the hand. Why? Because henna is a heat activated body dye that works by penetrating the skin.
The palm is fleshy, has lots of tiny pores to absorb the henna stain, and palms are usually warm.

The First Friday Special is a custom henna pattern - a "Chef's Choice" - to give you the full palm henna experience using bold strokes, lots of negative space, and the elements you prefer. If you are feeling floral, tribal, traditional or even whimsical, henna artist Ann George will design a pattern just for you, $25 for a simple full palm henna.

Here is a photo of the great red color you can get from good paste and a quick design on the palm. Stop by Bead Here Now after 6:00 PM to get your special.

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