Monday, June 15, 2009

Tank Tops & Henna Tattoos - Good Summer Fun

floral henna tattoo from Sangeet pattern bookHere is a lovely henna tattoo for the back. This henna design is adapted from the Sangeet Pattern Book by Neeta Sharma.

This is far and away the most popular book of henna designs I have on hand. Her designs are eye catching, traditional, and many are little henna jewels that go anywhere.

This henna tattoo is one example of her art. I like the design because it adapts so easily to the shoulder. Please know that henna does not stain the skin on the shoulder, neck or back the same deep rich color that you see on the palms of the hands. Some clients leave the henna paste on long enough, and stay warm enough to get a rich color on the back,

For more information about henna tattoo and henna parties please visit: Spirit Vision Henna.

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