Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Henna Tattoo Design for the Back of the Hand.

henna tattoo designsHere is a photo of a quick henna pattern for the back of the hand.

While the darkest color is achieved when applying henna tattoo to the palm, most customers find it very difficult to go about daily activities with a henna tattoo on the palm of the hand. As well.. it is easy show off your new design!

Surprisingly, we seldom show our palms to the public. This photo is a picture of henna paste on the skin & NOT black henna. This paste will remain on the skin for several hours and once scraped off, will leave a stain that darkens over the next 48 hours. The better care you take of your henna, the longer the tattoo will last.

For more info on henna tattoo aftercare, please see the FAQ page.

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