Thursday, September 10, 2009

Traditional Henna Pattern for Sonya

henna pattern henna design traditionalMany thanks to Sonya for ordering a traditional henna pattern. This design is one of many from the little henna pattern books imported from India.

Mixing a very fluid paste helps make this kind of fine line henna tattoo possible. I used a henna cone made of florist wrap, not quite mylar... but a shear & flexible cellophane type material. I cut just a bit off the tip of the cone, and the began the pattern at the wrist.

I used the 2009 Jamila henna powder, so it was easy to make a very fine paste. As well, this year's crop is extra wonderful in that it is very gummy all on it's own. The addition of henna tea made with fenugreek seeds also helps to create a cohesive paste that flows smoothly onto the skin.

If you would like a henna tattoo like this one, please feel welcome to stop by The Midnight Sun on Saturday, 9.12.09 sometime after Noon. Simple henna tattoo designs are $15. A full back hand henna like this one can cost $25 to $30. For more information about henna tattoo.. visit the FAQ page on my site.

*Please note: This is a photo of henna paste ON the skin. I do not offer black henna. Once this paste has remained on the skin long enough ( 3 -6 hours) to give a good stain, you scrape the black paste off to reveal the henna color ( light orange to dark reddish brown) which will develop over the next 48 hours.

The quality of your finished henna tattoo depends in part on how well you take care of your design.

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