Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Traditional Henna Patterns & Tips for a Great Tattoo

Happy Henna Season to every one! Featured today is a photo of a traditional style henna tattoo by Ann George for the back of the hand. Henna works best on the palms, back of the hands and on the feet.

It does not work as well on the stomach, the back, nor the chest. If you want a temporary tattoo for that part of your body, you are better off buying a decal tattoo. There are lots of nice new Indian design decals for lades  for sale at The Midnight Sun (they are on the counter.)

Also, if you want henna in these places, please be sure to dress in clothing that will not disturb the henna, and be prepared to adjust your day so that the henna may remain on your skin for at least three hours.

For gentlemen, the henna takes best on the inner wrist. I am able to do henna on your upper arms, but please be sure to shave several days ahead of time. It is unlikely that henna will give good color on the chest.

The price of a henna tattoo starts at $15 and fees increase from that point. For example, the tattoo in the photo cost $30.00.  I use only the finest, freshest henna powder mixing the paste myself each week to ensure you get the best color possible.

I have just purchased some organic rajasthani henna, long known for giving deep red color on the palms and look forward to trying that out this weekend. I will offer henna tattoo at the Midnight Sun Friday and Saturday if all goes well and weather permits. 

Please call for more information, or to schedule an appointment. 904-993-7466. (*Please note this is a photo of henna paste on the skin. If you are new to henna, I strongly encourage you to visit my FAQ page. Answers to most commonly asked questions are there.


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