Monday, May 16, 2011

So you want a henna tattoo??

Henna season has started again in Jacksonville, Florida. Why? Because it is now warm enough to easily make a good henna paste, and warm enough for you to get good color from the application of a henna design. Henna is a heat activated body stain.

See the photo at the left? This is a picture of henna paste ON the skin. Your finished design will not look like this, it will be a shade of red, reddish brown, brown, or perhaps even light orange depending on how well you prepare for your appointment, and how well you care for your tattoo.

Henna gives the best color on the feet and hands. You may also get good color on the lower arms and lower legs. These are the traditional places for henna.

If you want to have a "joke" tattoo, henna will not fool anyone. It does not come in colors, it will not look like an ink tattoo. Henna, or mehandi, is it's own very lovely, very real body art form.

Please think twice before getting henna on the upper back or lower back. While it seems like a good idea, the results are often disappointing. I have published articles on the blog about lower back tattoo.. so please visit those for more information.

Henna is available by appointment between Noon and 5 PM  Monday through Saturday. Please call ahead to schedule. I do not offer henna tattoo on rainy days. It is too easy for the henna to be washed off when you leave the shop. Henna needs to stay on your skin at least three hours to get a good result.

So... the young lady who had the henna in this picture went barefoot for the rest of the day. If you want henna on your feet, please wear the smallest shoes possible. Thong sandals are often the best choice.

Well...... thanks so much for reading my blog. If you click the link you will get to the FAQ page on my site full of tips for good color. 

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