Monday, June 09, 2014

Fine line bridal quality henna paste on & off! See the finished color.

It is always a pleasure to provide the special service of fine line henna tattoo. Usually a client will find something in one of the intricate pattern books on hand. I have a good collection of traditional henna tattoo patterns from India, and often something there will spark the beginnings of a pattern.

In general, the purpose of henna tattoo is to make the woman's had appear even more lovely, and so pattern book designs are adjusted to fit. Here are photos of fine line henna with the paste on and then off the skin.

For this recipe I used three kinds of henna powder from Henna Sooq, home made tea with lots of herbs, spices and flowers as well as a good mix of essential oils to help the henna release the best color. If you watch this blog, you will see that the finished color on many photos is really quite red. I hope to provide this quality of color for the rest of the season. 

Prices are by the design if you are ordering one hand only and by the hours for traditional bridal henna. Namaste. 

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