Sunday, June 08, 2014

What color is a finished henna tattoo? Here are some photos.

Many people are still confused about henna! The see photos of paste on the skin and think that the black paste is the henna tattoo. The paste on the skin is the beginning of a process that will give the various shades of red to reddish brown that are indeed the true colors of henna.

Each person is different. The same henna paste may give a dark color on one person and an lighter color on another. There are so many factors that influence colors. More info on finished color is on my site.

I am posting some "paste on // paste off" photos over the coming weeks for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy. This first photo is a sunflower mandala pattern.. notice the shading on the petals?

Now look at the finished photo below. You will see that the shading worked out rather well. Come visit the blog again to see colors of finished henna tattoos on all different skin types. Please like Spirit Vision Henna on Facebook! That is a good way to see the latest henna patterns. The blog is still a very good way to learn about henna.

Our new discovery is that coconut oil gives a very good finished color. (If you recently received a henna tattoo from Spirit Vision, please feel welcome to send a photo of your finished color after 48 hours. This gracious client did just that.)

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