Friday, June 06, 2008

Henna at Bead Here Now! Five Points Block Party

henna tattoo for top of foot - original henna design

Spirit Vision Henna is happy to be invited to offer henna tattoo tonight, Friday June6, 2008 at fabulous Bead Here Now for the Five Points Block Party.

This is a good time to come by & get a little henna on the hands, wrists or arms. Party settings often require that you pay a bit more attention to keep your henna smudge free until it's dry.

Of course if you want a lovely tattoo for the foot - the evening is a good time. The design to the left really requires that you leave barefoot. If you want to keep enjoying the block party, a foot tattoo may not be your best choice. Perhaps the ankle?

Bead Here Now is located at 1051 Park Street, Riverside, Jacksonville Florida.

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