Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kanji Henna Tattoo for Men

henna tattoo for men kanji henna

Many thanks for this finished color photo of a Kanji henna tattoo on the wrist. Kanji is an excellent choice for men as it presents a tribal look and brings the advantage of a personal or spiritual meaning.

While Kanji is often applied to the upper arm, I find it best to put spiritually significant Kanji over the pulse point on the wrist. For those of you new to pulse point therapy, the idea is to put power symbols over areas where the blood is close to the surface of the body, and where the pulse is easily felt. The purpose is that when the blood passes under the image it is blessed by, or attuned to the meaning of the symbol.

This particular design had a personal meaning created by the combination of two symbols. I bring a small book of Kanji with me to every party or event, and you are welcome to choose one, or to bring your own. Please be sure to visit the "New American Tribal" tattoo gallery on line at Spirit Vision Henna for more ideas.

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