Sunday, July 13, 2008

Arabic Style Henna for the Arm - Chef's Choice Henna

arabic style henna tattoo for the arm - bridal style henna tattooI am always grateful to my trusting henna clients who order "Chef's Choice". I mentioned to Rachel that I was really inspired by the excellent work of the artist who is featured in the henna video below, and that I wanted to practice that more intricate style of henna.

Lucky for me she agreed and here you see the result. This photo shows the henna paste on the skin.. and not black henna. We used the '08 crop of Jamila Henna so I have no doubt the finished color will be excellent! The henna powder created a nice gummy paste when I mixed it. The paste flowed easily and I could "drop lines" of paste on the skin when creating the tattoo, so I really enjoyed that.

I feel so fortunate that highly skilled henna artists are willing to post their work in action. I am a visual learner, and it is so wonderful to watch other artists think.
So.. I went browsing around and found a great live action henna video from Nepal that I will post in the near future. Right now, I am inspired to do a bit more bridal quality henna for practice & will post those photos soon.

Namaste 'til next time.

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