Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Henna Pattern Booklets from India - Ready to Ship

henna pattern booklet cover
I have received the balance of my order of henna tattoo pattern booklets from India. Here is one of my favorites: "Latest Mehadi - Arabic Henna Designs Booklet". I have posted a photo of the cover page as well as a sample pattern.

These booklets are for sale at Spirit Vision Henna for $4.50 each with free shipping in the USA. They are printed on a soft grey colored paper,are 31 pages long and at least 25 of them are henna patterns.

The booklet is printed in the language you see on the cover and contains a good balance of bold as well as traditional, or fine line henna tattoo patterns. The cover photo on this booklet alone really helps me introduce new clients to the art of mehndi.

If you click the title of this post, you will go to my website to see other new henna booklets. Secure online shopping provided by PayPal. Please feel welcome to email me any questions you might have. Limited quantities available!!

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