Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jamila Henna Powder • Rich Dark Color

henna powder jamila henna colorHere is a bold pattern for the palm of the hand. This dark color is achieved with the last of the '07 Jamila Henna.
I used lemon juice, henna tea & jamila henna to start the paste.

After about 4 hours I added cajeput, neroli, lavendar and a bit of pomegranate juice to the mixture. I made a fairly liquid paste and used a medium tip mylar cone to achieve this design.

I did wrap the henna in tissue and wear a thin plastic glove overnight to get the darkest color possible. Of course, the color will be even darker tomorrow.. but I had a moment to put this photo up for you today.

I will have new photos online next week showing the finished color achieved with the 2008 harvest of Jamila henna which is just now for sale at Spirit Vision Henna.

The new henna pattern booklets from India are also for sale & make a great gift for the aspiring mehandi artist.

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