Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bridal Henna - palms in process

bridal henna tattoo, fine line henna in processI wish I had remembered to take more photos of this bridal henna tattoo. We were actually able to finished the fingertips with bold tear drops, dots & flourished that met the pattern you see here in the photo.

The finish for the backs of the hands featured compatible floral & paisley accents that were embellished with the little glove spots.. giving the look of wearing an old fashioned glove. As this was henna in the winter time, I used plenty of lemon sugar glaze to help the henna stay wet as long as possible & blow drying from time tot time to help open the pores.

It was important that we finish the henna as quickly as possible, so I will hope to receive photos of the finished color sometime next week. Stay tuned!

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