Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Henna - How to Wrap for Good Color

henna tattoo on palmshenna tattoo for the back of the handsI am so fortunate to have met a new & wonderful goddess with a love of body art! Here are photos of her henna journey in December.. Jacksonville, Florida.

The first photo in this series is of the palms of the hands. To accomplish this tattoo, I started with the Lotus Om on the left hand, then the mandala center on the right.. back to the left and so on.

The patterns were misted with a lemon sugar glaze and allowed to dry as we moved from hand to hand, finishing the palms... but stopping before we got to the tips of the fingers. This way, it is easy to turn the hand over, resting on the finger tips, to apply mehandi to the back of the hands.

It is very important to remind that henna is a heat activated body dye. What that means is that warm temperatures help open pores, keep palms warm & moist, thus allowing the henna to stay active on the body for a longer period of time. All these conditions make for a dark finished color & a longer lasting tattoo.

The second picture in this series shows the "henna wrapping" which is a photo of tissue (which is taped when necessary to keep the tissue in place) and the plastic gloves used to create a little henna spa.. or sauna.. to give dark color in the winter time.

The tissue actually sticks to the lemon sugar glaze that is regularly applied during the henna process, and the tape helps keep the tissue in place. The little gloves (food service grade) are also taped shut at the wrist for comfort. There are so many benefits to this method, which I always use for bridal henna to ensure the darkest color, winter or summer in this air-conditioned part of the country!

Photo three is Tara's peacock garden pattern. You may be able to see the head of the peacock page right, then notice the tail that spreads across her fingers. The little six petaled flowers that grace the back of her hand are traditional, as are the little dots.

Once the back of her hands was finished, we turned palms face up to spread henna paste to cover the tips of her fingers. Photo four show the joy of a good design... that the back of the hand is visually pleasing when presented with the palm. As always, I hope to be able to post finished color photos in the near future.

Although this pattern was completed on Saturday afternoon, the finished color will not reveal itself until Monday. Henna usually takes about 48 hours to develop. For more tips on how to have a successful henna tattoo, please visit my site, or browse other posts in this blog.

As you can see from the photos, Tara got her manicure before her henna... which will make her design last longer & provides us all with these lovely photos. Henna tattoo is available by appointment during the winter months for those who chose traditional patterns, palms and backs of hands.

Summer time is our henna party season.. for that little something, just for fun. Namaste!

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