Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Practicing Peacock Arm Tattoo

henna tattoo pattern peacock patternInspired by the henna video showing work by the artists of Nepal, I decided to practice to improve both speed & style.

Here is a photo of late night henna practice where the work focused on creating an armlet tattoo. I feel very good about peacock faces in general.. and I am sure the eyes are improving.

I also feel better about my use of negative space, and am remembering to double line major design areas so that they really stand out.

Also, bolding or filling some areas also sees to help bring a design to life.

Of course the greatest difficulty I find when henna-ing myself is working upside down!

And then there is not smudging as I go! This is when the use of lemon sugar glaze & a blow dryer is priceless.

I can work out the pattern, spray, dry, and continue without having to be overly careful.

I will be able to put up finished color photos of this tattoo.. so ..

Stay tuned?


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