Sunday, May 03, 2009

Arm Jewelry - a henna tattoo pattern for the inner arm

henna tattoo pattern for the inner armHere is a henna tattoo pattern for the inner arm. It is a free hand design which took about ten minutes from start to finish. The pattern flows with the muscle structure of the client, as well ... the energy flow of this particular goddess who was just open to what ever art seemed right for the day.

One of the blessings of doing henna in Five Points is that more & more clients are choosing henna as living art - thus art for art's sake, or as a means of self-expression. Sometimes just as a treat, a bit of pampering that takes one on the evolutionary journey of Mehandi, or henna tattoo.

If you have never had henna before, then you see in this photo what appears to be a black tattoo. What you are really seeing is a photo of henna paste still on the skin. Under the paste, the henna mixture is interacting with the skin. Henna is a heat activated body dye that penetrates the skin.

The hotter the skin is, the more the pores open, and the deeper the final color. Also, in warm weather, we may sweat a bit, and this helps to keep the paste moist on the skin. When the paste is moist, it can easily stain the skin. This is why lemon sugar is applied after the paste is a bit dry... to keep it moist & active. Also, the sugar in the glaze helps keep the henna from falling off the skin.

At present, henna tattoo is offer only on Saturdays on a walk-in basis at 1055 Park Street, The Midnight Sun, in Five Points, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida. Please feel welcome to call (904) 993-7466 for more information.

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