Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jamila Henna - finished color after 18 hours

finished color - red henna tattooHere is a photo of the almost finished color of the henna tattoo pattern from 5/21/09. To get this deep red color on the palm Cat let the henna paste wear off naturally. As several coatings of lemon sugar glaze were applied, this took awhile. Also, she did not wash the tattoo for at least 12 hours after the henna paste was applied.

You will notice that the darkest color is on the palm of the hand, and that the henna becomes lighter as the pattern moves up the arm. This change in color is due to the change in the skin. The skin on the palm is usually more fleshy, and of course more porous than the thinner skin of the inner arm.

This pattern took about 45 minutes to complete. The paste was made using the 2008 crop of Jamila Henna Powder. I have about a dozen boxes left for sale, and then it's time to wait for the next harvest! Please visit my site if you would like to have a 100 gram box of this excellent henna powder on the way to you while supplies left.

Need a bit of inspiration? I have a good selection of henna pattern booklets from India. You might add one to your henna powder order? The shipping is free.

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Ann George

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