Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bridal Henna - Free Hand Design

One of the great joys of the web is that it enables me to see the great skills of other mehndi artists.

This photo is inspired by the work of the fine artist at Hasina Mehnd. AFter seeing one of her more recent henna designs, I knew I had to work a bit harder to be able to offer my customers the best of traditional henna.

I was lucky to have a willing volunteer, and about an hour of to do this design. The design went along rather quickly until I got to the middle of the palm of the hand. This is traditional henna, and I hope to be able to offer more photos, more often.

If you would like to have a henna like this, it is best to make an appointment. This kind of henna takes a plenty of paste, space & free time.

I hope you will be inspired to enjoy this lovely body art.

Ann George
Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo

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