Monday, June 27, 2011

Henna on the Palm - A simple pattern gives good color.

Here is a very simple henna tattoo for the palm of the hand. My client reported that she had an excellent out come with this henna tattoo, that the color was quite dark, and that the pattern lasted a good long time.

I have just found out that the batch of henna paste I mixed up for Sunday did not give a deep an rich a stain for her as the paste I used to make this design.

I can only imagine this is because I used a new henna powder.  All other steps I took to make the paste were the same... except the supplier for the henna powder.

So, if any of my clients have not had a deep stain from their henna tattoo in the past two weeks, please give me a call!!

I am very happy to give you a second tattoo at no charge if your first henna did not give good color.  I will make up a nice fresh paste using a henna powder that I know gives excellent results every time.

I will keep shopping for a new henna powder supplier! Wishing every happiness. Ann George

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