Thursday, June 09, 2011

Henna Tattoo Friday 6/10 at The Midnight Sun

Experience the true beauty of henna. Have a lovely design on the palm of your hand.

The deepest, reddest, darkest stains are possible on the palm. Henna is more magical, as it is seldom that people see our palms.. so henna is a little surprise!

Of course you may choose to have henna on the foot, wrist or ankle..... and Westerners want henna all sorts of other places as well.

Visit the FAQ page on my site for up to date info on how to get the best henna tattoo.

This season I am using organic Rajhisthani henna, the 2010 crop with some lovely new essential oils to give you both a relaxing body art experience...... and great color.

(Nope.. no needles are used..... it doesn't hurt, and the design can last one week or longer.)

Spirit Vision Henna artists will be at the Sun from Noon til 4 PM. Designs start at $15. Call 993-7455 FMI.

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