Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Traditional Henna Pattern - Longer Glove Style

This is a photo of a traditional henna pattern. This is the art form of henna tattoo. You may choose a smaller version, a pattern for the palm, inner arm, foot or ankle if you prefer.

I do not do "joke" tattoos, tattoos to "trick" a friend, loved one or parent. If you want to trick someone into thinking you have ink, the go to a gift shop, or stop by The Midnight Sun and purchase a decal.

The application of henna paste ( which is a carefully crafted herbal dye made of powdered henna leaves, essential oils, herbs and spices ) requires time and attention by the artist.

It is easiest to apply to someone who is comfortable sitting still for a period of time. This henna was sprayed with a lemon sugar glaze, and will be well cared for the the customer who purchased the art.

The purpose of henna - the color of love - is to beautify. If you want to buy a cone of henna paste and drawn names on each other..... that may be the best way to get your quick fix, silly henna urge out of the way.  Namaste! 

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