Friday, January 30, 2009

Henna Tattoo Pattern Booklets from India

indian henna pattern bookletHere is a lovely little henna pattern booklet that is for sale at Spirit Vision Henna. Click the title of this post to purchase this book, or others like it. I have learned so much about traditional henna design by studying these little collections.

When I first saw many of the patterns in booklets like this one, I was overwhelmed! Henna presented a new way of thinking about line, movement, pattern & space... it was dazzling. As well, it was hard for me to know where to start a pattern, how to lay it out and of course how to create all that intricate detail without making a smudgy mess of it all.

Over the past six years, I have come to know that the quality & thickness of the paste makes all the difference... not only in easy of application, the ability to draw fine lines, but also in the final color. Thus, the quality and freshness of the henna powder are essential to a good outcome. I still use Jamila Henna mixed with lemon juice, essential oils & my spiced henna tea to make a fragrant paste that goes on quickly.

I am please to have been able to import a good collection of henna pattern books. If you don't like this one, stop by my site to see the others. Namaste!

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's just too cold for henna tattoo!

I had hoped to start the henna season early this year... and I may well be able to do so. However, as of this posting, it's 28 degrees, and tomorrow's temperature promises a high of 58.

We will not be at Midnight Sun this Saturday, 1/17/09! Perhaps next week. Until then, enjoy the work of a very talented artist!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Henna - Saturday, January 10, 2009 at the Midnight Sun

Spirit Vision Henna will be offering henna tattoo from 12:30 PM until... this Saturday at the Midnight Sun.
Please stop by 1050 Park Street, Five Points, Riverside, Jacksonville Florida is you are in the mood for a bit of body adornment.

This is a good time of year for a little henna jewel on the palm or back of the hand. Henna gives the darkest color in these locations, especially during the winter months.

( I know.. we don't really have winter in Florida, but henna is a heat activated body dye, so the warm weather ensures that you will have the darkest henna possible.)

Visit my "space" for tattoo ideas that are quick & easy .

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Black Henna FAQ

when henna paste is applied it goes on blackA caller today was asking about the henna powder I sell. The caller wanted to know if it was black henna. I am blogging my answers to all his questions for those who are new to the henna process, as well as for those who are shopping for "black" henna.

First, I do not sell black henna... and to the best of my understanding there is no such thing. Henna powder is the result of grinding fresh henna, leaves. The resulting color left on the skin may be affected by the region where the henna was grown, the ground and climate. Fresh henna gives the deepest color, and good artists all have a special recipe. I publish mine on line for your review.

Chemicals may be added to the henna powder before it is packages & shipped to make it dye the hair different colors, but this is not the kind of henna I use for body art. I have heard of lots of things that may be added to henna powders that are sold for body art, and it is important to know that some of these chemicals that can burn and scar the skin.

I sell Jamila henna that is harvest fresh, finely ground, fragrant & does not contain any additives. The first photo in this post is a picture of the henna paste being applied to the skin using a henna cone.

Most photos in this blog show pictures of henna past still on the skin. I am sometimes able to publish photos of the finished color, which will always be a shade of red to reddish brown. This paste will be removed after a period of time, and the finished color will develop over the next 48 hours.

If a client takes very good care of her henna tattoo, allows the paste to remain on the skin for six hours or more, takes care to keep the henna moist, using lemon sugar glaze, or just to remain outdoors in the the sun, it is possible to get a very dark finished color that seems to be black.

This color is really a deep black cherry red. The second picture in this post shows the results of fresh henna powder, mixed with lemon juice, herbs and essential oils to create the paste I use for my clients.

As you can see the finished color is darkest in the center of the palm. The palm always takes henna best, the color will be lighter as the pattern moves up the arm.

I always provide an informed consent listing all ingredients in the paste as well as offering aftercare instructions and tips to get good color. Henna is a heat activated body dye, so I try to offer henna tattoo in the summer time. Other posts in this blog will have photos of henna that is wrapped to help give the darkest color possible.

I hope this post is helpful. Be sure to visit the FAQ page at Spirit Vision Henna for more information.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Bold henna pattern for the palms. Quick & easy.

bold henna pattern for palms of handsYou can drive with henna palms! If you choose a bold pattern like this one it's very easy.

You will notice that the left hand is full of henna.. but just has design going half way up the fingers & little spots to finish.

The right hand design compliments the left.. leaving plenty of free space for the little household tasks that might make full palms & fingers pattern too difficult to fit into your modern lifestyle.

From start to finish, this tattoo took 35 minute to complete.

Using bold lines & negative space to compliment the shape of the hand give a striking pattern that is easy to wear.

This is an original free hand henna tattoo by Ann George of Spirit Vision Henna, Jacksonville, Florida.