Saturday, May 30, 2020

Henna Tattoo in 2020! Come to my new location!

Greetings! It has been a long road to some henna tattoo this year! I did not want to work until the Governor gave all Tattoo Artists the OK to go back to work. Although my art does not penetrate the skin, we are going to be very close to one another... there is no way around it.  

I am happy to say I found a new henna powder that is fresh and fragrant and gives a deep red color when well cared for. Caring for your henna is your part of the process. Putting a good design with quality henna paste is my part.

Preparation is critical this year as we have hand sanitizers to watch out for.  I have no idea what a hand sanitizer will do to henna if you have it on your skin before we decorate, but it is best if you come with clean skin. As well, you will not be able to use a sanitizer while you have henna on.

To preserve your henna, please keep a light coat of a natural oil over your design. The best oils are olive, coconut, and avocado. Please do not use grape seed oil, for some reason it takes the color from the design.

If you put oil over your henna before you put your hands in water, your design will last as long as is possible. I do not use any dyes or chemicals in my paste. This is not black henna, nor is it from a tube made anywhere else. I have been making paste for 20 years now and promise you there are only fresh  food quality ingredient.s

My opening day should be Saturday, June 6th at The Studios located at 1506 King Street. I don't know if we will have social distancing markers on the floor..... but I am sure we can manage. This year I will not have a phone gallery of photos to share with everyone.. (you know.. Covid).. but I did put all the images in that gallery on line at my Facebook Page. You can find Spirit Vision Henna on Facebook. If you follow my page you will have all the updates.

Please bring cash this year. It will keep me from having to stop everything to swipe a card.. and with lemon sugar & henna paste on hand.. cash is easy. Designs start at $15, the bigger ones are $20. Have a great week and come see me Saturday.