Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Do Henna Designs Mean Anything?

Here is a henna tattoo design that does have a meaning. It is a bride and groom in an embellished heart.

Although in this case, the tattoo is done as a small decorative jewel in the palm, it could easily be incorporated into the more extensive or elaborate Bridal Henna.

The images here are very traditional in that the man is wearing a head dress, the woman a nose ring that is often worn by Hindu brides.

The best color always happens in the palm of the hand, and if you have a bit of patience, and perhaps a friend who will drive the car, you too can enjoy the rich deep red color that comes from placing henna in the palm.

The color of love......... this is a photo of the paste, which appears black, on the skin. When the paste is removed, the finished color develops over the next 48 hours.

Stop by the Midnight Sun this Friday for some Henna!!!! It will be First Friday, but henna will be offered from 1PM  until....... Best to call for an appointment if you plan to come in the late afternoon.  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Here is an example of a "Chef's Choice" henna tattoo. With a nice fluid paste, this type of tattoo only takes about 8 minutes or so..... perhaps 10 to apply.

The goal is to create a lovely pattern that is flattering to the hand of the wearer.

As each hand is different, allowing the henna artist to choose the pattern often works very well.

This tattoo prices at $20. Tips are accepted.

The paste was very fragrant, a pleasure to use... and will leave a nice fragrance in the skin as well.

I hope to see you soon. "Like" Midnight Sun on Facebook for up to date scheduling. Stop by on First Friday!! I will offer Henna in the afternoon. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Henna Time!! Saturday 7/28/12 at The Midnight Sun

Fragrant, fresh and first class henna paste is almost ready for you. Rajasthani henna powder has been combined with my special henna tea, lemon juice, and various essential oils to give you a deep and long lasting henna tattoo. The paste is resting in the sun to ensure full dye release. It is almost ready!

I offer traditional henna tattoo. Please know that henna belongs on the hands, arms, feet and legs. I do NOT tattoo on the face, neck, upper back, lower back or upper arms as the paste does not give good color in these areas.

I invite you to visit the FAQ page of my site for more information. Tattoo prices start at $15 and increase depending intricacy or size of area to be covered. ( Cash only. )

Temporary body art lasts longer if you take good care of it and you will receive complete aftercare instructions from me. Many patterns are available at the shop, however, I am a free hand mehandi artist. I invite you to let me create a unique design that is flattering to you.

You will find me in the yoga room of The Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 from 1 PM until 5 PM this Saturday. You are welcome to stop by and experience henna tattoo - "the color of love." Pictured here my henna paste on the palm. You will always get the best color when you tattoo here.

Ann George

**Please note:
I have heard that there is some "bad henna" happening in town. Customers at various shops in Five Points have remarked that their henna ran, blurred, did not last and was a pale color. This is not my work.**