Monday, April 30, 2007

Simple Back of Hand Henna

Here is a photo of a simple henna tattoo for the back of the hand. It only took a few minutes. This is a good example of a quick & easy henna pattern if you are just learning mehandi.

We did this henna on Satuday at Mignight Sun in Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida. Walk ins are welcome. If you want a more elaborate tattoo, it is best to call ahead for an appointment. Spirit Vision is available for parties, bridal showers, corporate events & fundraisers, so please be sure to give us a call. (904) 993-7466.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Henna Tattoo for Christine's New Baby

Here is a photo of a henna tattoo chosen by Christine to celebrate her new baby. She found the basic design on line at Henna Lounge drew it up adding her own embellishments, and brought it down to Midnight Sun today to get her henna. The design was ammended a bit by agreement so that the pattern best fit the contours of her stomach, and make sitting easy & comfortable.

For pregnancy tattoo I make a special, very gentle blend of lavender & tea tree essential oils to go with a pure henna powder, lemon juice & a touch of honey. This is very soothing paste, and still very effective. I also started working a bit with gilding & glitter pastes, so we were able to add some red & gold gilding to her tattoo. If you want a tattoo for your belly, please call ahead so that we can discuss your pattern in advance.

Some simple planning can make your experience more comfortable. For example, you will notice that Chris wore a midriff top & a wrap around skirt so that her clothing would not interfere with her new tattoo. As well, I knew to make her unique paste & to bring the gliding because she called ahead.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Here is a Wonderful Henna site!

Oh My Goodness! I was just at the Henna Lounge in San Francisco... (virtually of course). Please drop by that site.. it is wonderful.
Namaste, Ann George

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Gilding - Glitter Body Art - Gilded Tribal Design

It is exciting to be able to offer dazzling temporary body art for those who want the beauty of henna designs without the commitment to a one to three week experience.

In addition to gilding, there is cocktail body art & embroidary body art as alternatives to henna tattoo. What I like about these art forms is the fluid style of henna is recreated with other mediums.
Here's a gilded tribal henna tattoo for the fingers. (Sometimes it's hard for people to choose a full hand tattoo.) The henna is the reddish brown stain, the rest is gold body powder, crimson body powder, black body paint & silver gel glitter to make the little diamonds.

This design stays right on the skin! The henna is the temporary stain, but the rest of the products (gels, paints & powders) are theater quality, so they will last until you wash them off.

Be sure to click HERE for more information & a photo by a master! Namaste.. Ann

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Henna starts Saturday, April 21 at Midnight Sun.

It's finally warm enough to make a good henna paste on the porch, warm enough to show some skin, play in the sun & get some henna. Thanks much to all my good friends at Midnight Sun for welcoming me back this year. I will be doing henna most all sunny Saturday afternoons at 1055 Park Street in Jacksonville, Florida. (Historic Riverside District.) I usually start sometime after noon. My first day will be Saturday April 21.

You are welcome to stop by the shop and walk in for your henna, but it is a good idea to call first to be sure I'm in. As well, if you want a large design, or traditional henna, it may be better to make an appointment. You can reach me at (904) 993-7466.
I have lots of pattern books to choose from... but feel welcome to bring your own design.

Namaste, Ann George