Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bridal Henna - palms in process

bridal henna tattoo, fine line henna in processI wish I had remembered to take more photos of this bridal henna tattoo. We were actually able to finished the fingertips with bold tear drops, dots & flourished that met the pattern you see here in the photo.

The finish for the backs of the hands featured compatible floral & paisley accents that were embellished with the little glove spots.. giving the look of wearing an old fashioned glove. As this was henna in the winter time, I used plenty of lemon sugar glaze to help the henna stay wet as long as possible & blow drying from time tot time to help open the pores.

It was important that we finish the henna as quickly as possible, so I will hope to receive photos of the finished color sometime next week. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finished Color - More or Less

peacock tattoo finished colorI forgot to ask my friend to take a photo for me today. It was a beautiful, sunny day... I even had my camera.. but no.

So.. here is a photo taken at 9PM.. by me.. camera phone.. bad lighting.. sorry ;{ for poor quality.
However, I said I would post a photo of the finished color. I left the paste on for about two hours, then just did the olive oil after care.. and voila!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Practicing Peacock Arm Tattoo

henna tattoo pattern peacock patternInspired by the henna video showing work by the artists of Nepal, I decided to practice to improve both speed & style.

Here is a photo of late night henna practice where the work focused on creating an armlet tattoo. I feel very good about peacock faces in general.. and I am sure the eyes are improving.

I also feel better about my use of negative space, and am remembering to double line major design areas so that they really stand out.

Also, bolding or filling some areas also sees to help bring a design to life.

Of course the greatest difficulty I find when henna-ing myself is working upside down!

And then there is not smudging as I go! This is when the use of lemon sugar glaze & a blow dryer is priceless.

I can work out the pattern, spray, dry, and continue without having to be overly careful.

I will be able to put up finished color photos of this tattoo.. so ..

Stay tuned?


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Henna - How to Wrap for Good Color

henna tattoo on palmshenna tattoo for the back of the handsI am so fortunate to have met a new & wonderful goddess with a love of body art! Here are photos of her henna journey in December.. Jacksonville, Florida.

The first photo in this series is of the palms of the hands. To accomplish this tattoo, I started with the Lotus Om on the left hand, then the mandala center on the right.. back to the left and so on.

The patterns were misted with a lemon sugar glaze and allowed to dry as we moved from hand to hand, finishing the palms... but stopping before we got to the tips of the fingers. This way, it is easy to turn the hand over, resting on the finger tips, to apply mehandi to the back of the hands.

It is very important to remind that henna is a heat activated body dye. What that means is that warm temperatures help open pores, keep palms warm & moist, thus allowing the henna to stay active on the body for a longer period of time. All these conditions make for a dark finished color & a longer lasting tattoo.

The second picture in this series shows the "henna wrapping" which is a photo of tissue (which is taped when necessary to keep the tissue in place) and the plastic gloves used to create a little henna spa.. or sauna.. to give dark color in the winter time.

The tissue actually sticks to the lemon sugar glaze that is regularly applied during the henna process, and the tape helps keep the tissue in place. The little gloves (food service grade) are also taped shut at the wrist for comfort. There are so many benefits to this method, which I always use for bridal henna to ensure the darkest color, winter or summer in this air-conditioned part of the country!

Photo three is Tara's peacock garden pattern. You may be able to see the head of the peacock page right, then notice the tail that spreads across her fingers. The little six petaled flowers that grace the back of her hand are traditional, as are the little dots.

Once the back of her hands was finished, we turned palms face up to spread henna paste to cover the tips of her fingers. Photo four show the joy of a good design... that the back of the hand is visually pleasing when presented with the palm. As always, I hope to be able to post finished color photos in the near future.

Although this pattern was completed on Saturday afternoon, the finished color will not reveal itself until Monday. Henna usually takes about 48 hours to develop. For more tips on how to have a successful henna tattoo, please visit my site, or browse other posts in this blog.

As you can see from the photos, Tara got her manicure before her henna... which will make her design last longer & provides us all with these lovely photos. Henna tattoo is available by appointment during the winter months for those who chose traditional patterns, palms and backs of hands.

Summer time is our henna party season.. for that little something, just for fun. Namaste!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fine Art Photo? Can you find the henna tattoo?

full palm henna tattoo traditional patternI am so happy to have been able to do this full hand henna pattern.

An "original" free hand design, the use of negative space makes a lovely pattern.

Can you find the henna in this photo?

I really like the mehandi against this fabric. I am sure there is another foto coming soon.. but as I have yet to see it, I share this image with you in hopes that you will find is as much fun as I do.

Wishing you warm nights.


Ann George

Friday, November 28, 2008

Winter Time Henna Fun - Henna Parties for the Holidays

Here is a photo of a full palm henna tattoo I did at a get together. I am always happy to have true patrons of traditional henna as they give me the chance to stay in practice with free hand/traditional & fine line henna.

Winter can be a very good time to have a henna party because the house is toasty warm, most people are in sweaters, woolies, and long sleeves, so the body temperature is up! These conditions are excellent to help the henna paste give the darkest possible stain.

Also.. with all other body parts covered, I have a chance to do full palm henna tattoo. I will post some new photos from friends having henna in India soon. Be sure to stop by the henna bookstore to get the latest pattern booklets from India.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Saying Farewell for the Summer

henna tattoo pattern for back of handWe seem to be coming the the natural end of henna tattoo season in Jacksonville... Riverside anyway.

Spirit Vision henna sends all best wishes & many thanks to everyone at The Midnight Sun for making this henna season such a joy!

Of course we are still available for private parites, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers & corporate events of all kinds.

Our more experienced artists are able to do henna tattoo of this complexity in 20 minutes or less.

If you Have to Have more henna, just call the Studio - (904) 993-7466 - to make an appointment for your event.

It has been a pleasure to henna everyone this year! We will be back in the Spring.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Temporary Body Art - Mehandi at Midnight Sun 9/13/08

wrist tattooHere is a henna tattoo design for the wrist chosen from the many pattern books I bring to the Midnight Sun, Park Street, Five Points, Jacksonville, Florida.

I will have plenty of fragrant henna paste on hand this Saturday & should be in the shop no later than 1:15 PM.

This image - showing henna paste on the skin - is adapted from a pattern presented by the goddess of henna tattoo, Catherine Cartwright-Jones. This henna tattoo shows the tremendous range of patterns and styles available with henna body art.

Henna body art is safe, painless, temporary, and only takes about 10 minutes to complete. So.. what are you waiting for?

Henna season is coming to an end. Come get some color while the sun shines.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Henna Tattoo at the Midnight Sun today - 9/6/08

simple henna tattoo pattern for back of handHere is a quick little henna for the back of the hand. Now the fabulous pattern was inspired by the very talented artist at Mirage Body Art in Tallahassee, Florida.

Be sure to visit her site for some lovely art & great inspiration. I did not complete her design, as my client just wanted a touch of henna to celebrate First Friday. This henna tattoo is a "Chef's Choice" pattern.

This means your order "somehing like this" but I only have $10.00 to spend. That way, you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

This weekend is also the Riverside Art Festival.. and there may well be other henna artists out to play. I will be at Midnight Sun.. I think in the window, but if not, please look for me to be set up in the lovely rattan furniture area.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

First Friday at Bead Here Now! Henna at 6:30 PM

New to the idea of Henna Tattoo? Watch this excellent video featuring Traditional Henna Tattoo designs posted by Chandan Henna. Of course some of these patterns require much more time than we will have tonight.. but enjoy the possible.
Spirit Vision Henna will be offering henna tattoo this Friday night at Bead Here Now on Park Street in the Historic Five Points district, Riverside, Florida. Come on out and join the party. The shops are open late and galleries have new exhibits. It may drizzle, but if you remember to bring an umbrella, you can keep your henna tattoo nice & dry.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gilded Henna Tattoo - Simple Patterns with Jeweled Color

gilded henna tattooHere is an example of gilding. Notice the jeweled colors in the henna tattoo? This is not colored henna, rather it is gilding paste, a very temporary form of body art that lasts only as long as you don't wash your hands.

Gilding is a great way to embellish your henna design. And, while simple henna tattoos are very fashionable, and are created to accent the natural beauty of your hand, the gilding is just a bit of fancy for the day. Many times people will choose gilding colors to match the outfit they are wearing when they have their henna applied.

The gilding paste is made from glitters, jewel powders and sometimes cosmetic powders mixed with a neutral carrier gel. Gidling is applied with a cone, just like henna, so you can easily get the very same effect as a henna tattoo using only gilding paste. It is very important to wait for your henna paste to dry before adding the gilding, your artist will help you with that.

For examples of gilding, visit the gilded henna gallery at Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Henna Tattoo in Jacksonville Florida - 8/30

henna pattern latest arabic henna booklet sample imageCom on down to the Midnight Sun import store this Saturday August 30, 3008 and fill your hands with the latest in Arabic henna fashion.

Ann George will bring a collection of the latest heena patterns as well as a big collection of tribal henna tattoo designs and traditional Indian henna tattoos. This is a sample image from the little henna tattoo pattern booklet available for sale at Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo. We will try something different this Saturday and start vending henna about 11:00 AM!

If you are new to henna tattoo, please be sure to visit the FAQ PAGE! so you have the best experience possible.

For more information about how to purchase this and other fine little booklets, visit her HENNA TATTOO BOOK STORE. If you are just hoping to find more designs, no worries.. the site is full of photo galleries of henna tattoos!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Henna Pattern - Peacock Tattoo with Flowers

henna tattoo peacock pattern for the palmHere is a photo of a full palm henna tattoo. This design was done using the "draw the outlines first" method which has really improved my finished designs.

Visit the henna videos category on this site to see one of the best "how to" videos online. I started the pattern at the wrist, drew the outlines for the peacock & the bracelet at the wrist, then moved to draw the outlines for the encircled flower pattern at the base of the hand. I went back to fill in the details of the peacock & bracelet before moving to fill the hand. After finishing that portion of the pattern I drew outlines for the flower pattern that runs up the pinky & ring finger, then the little paisley and the flower at the base of the thumb.

After filling in all those areas, it was time to finish off the fingers. I used bold strokes to finish, hoping that the use of negative space would create the little glove effect as well as enhance the complexity of the palm pattern. If you like this pattern, you may enjoy a visit to the Henna Patterns page on my site. There are lots of little booklets from India on sale.. filled with inspiring images.

I intent to be back to work at the MIdnight Sun this weekend. Perhaps I will see you there?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Henna Today - 8/23/08 - at Midnight Sun

bold arabic flowers henna tattooIt is just tooo wet to come out & do henna tattoo today!

Henna works best when it's warm, sunny, and dry as we are able to let the paste stay on the skin, undisturbed, for along time. During a tropical storm, or the remnants of one.. it is often too wet to be sure that your henna paste won't get wet as well.

For those new to henna, the reason this is important is that henna works by penetrating layers of the skin to stain it some shade of reddish brown. If water gets on the paste ( the photo shows henna paste still on the skin) then the paste can run, thus smearing the pattern a bit.

For best results you want to have the henna paste on the skin at least 6 hours, some leave the henna overnight. Let's hope next weekend will be brighter!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Intricate Henna Tattoo - Just a Doodle

intricate henna tattoo small jewelSometimes the loveliest mehandi is the little embellishment. This is a photo of an intricate henna tattoo that decorates the back of the hand.

This small jewel style is very popular with Western customers. It is just a touch of the exotic beauty we see in complex henna patterns... without covering the entire hand or arm. This freehand henna tattoo is clearly composed of traditional Indian components, but assembled in such a way as to fit the back of my clients hand.

This is a sample of the henna you can get at the Midnight Sun in Jacksonville, Florida... although we seem to be coming to then end of henna season. I am happy to continue to offer henna all year long, but as we move into the cooler months, it may be best to call ahead or to e-mail the Studio to be certain I will be at the shop. Namaste!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bridal Henna for Back of Hand

bridal henna tattoo hand and arm paste on skinIt is always wonderful to have friends! I am particularly grateful for those with the time and patience to help me perfect my skills.

This henna tattoo took about an hour and a half to complete. We were having a relaxed time, no stress or hurry, and didn't realize that time and passed so quickly. After we finished, we wrapped that tattoo in tissue and plastic to be sure to get the best color possible.

This paste, I included eucalyptus oil, clove oil, a bit of neroli & some cajeput. It was an invigorating mix that we both enjoyed. The henna flowed very smoothly from the "floral paper" cone, and I was able to provide several applications of lemon/sugar to the design to keep it moist as long as possible.

I will have finished color photos on Wednesday I hope, and will be sure to post them as soon as possible. Again, I was inspired by the many very talented artists who have so generously posted their work on line. Following their example, I did draw the primary design elements on the arm first, then filled those in, moving down to the hand and finally the fingers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traditional Indian Henna for Feet

henna tattoo for the foot traditional patternHere is a photo of a traditional henna tattoo for the foot adapted from a pattern by Vashti. Her work was published in a henna book from India that I bought a long time ago. I am very happy to be able to offer new henna booklets from India with lots of great designs like this one.

I started this henna tattoo at the ankle and worked down from there. I used a fairly wide tip on the rolled mylar cone to be sure to get enough paste on the skin to give good color & to show off this bold design.

I did modify the pattern a bit from the original to flatter my clients foot. She was hoping to make her foot look longer & more elegant. I think the pattern she chose was excellent to accomplish this.

As well, leaving a bit of negative space between the finished medallion on the top of the foot, and the "toe ring" pattern at the tip of the foot gives the illusion of length.

She was very happy with her pattern. Sadly, we were working a bit late in the evening and did not have time to start the other foot.. perhaps next time we will be able to do some art earlier in the day.

To get good dark color on henna for the foot is it best to sleep with the paste on the skin. Some people will wrap the tattoo in tissue & plastic wrap to help "sweat" the design. This works best for me.. and always for brides. Others wrap the pattern with tissue and sleep in socks.

Both methods help this heat activated natural dye to give the darkest color possible. Other tips for dark color are published on my FAQ page and in different posts on this blog. (Notice in the photo below that we were able to incorporate her inked tattoo into the henna pattern.)

henna tattoo inside of foot

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Henna Today at the Midnight Sun - Rain or Shine Henna Party

henna tattoo pattern back of handI will be at the Midnight Sun today between 1:15 and 5:15 PM, rain or shine, to do some henna tattoo.

Pictured here is a quick little pattern that took about 6 minutes to complete, is easy to wear, and just in case in rains today, easy to keep dry.

Of course, tattoos on the feet & ankles are very popular, but not the best choice for a rainy day.

I will bring lots of pattern books to choose from, but this is a "chef's choice" design created to fit the wearer.

If you have a tattoo pattern you want, please bring it along. See you soon?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dark Red Color in Arabic Henna Tattoo - Jamila Henna 2008

red henna color with jamila henna powder 2008Here is a bold Arabic style henna tattoo for the palm and inner wrist. The wonderful dark color is a sample of the fine red that is available when using the 2008 harvest of Jamila henna powder.

Of course, to get the best finished color, one should leave the paste on as long as possible. In this case, I applied the henna at 10:30 PM. I was able to apply several treatments with lemon sugar glaze to keep the paste wet, and therefore active for about half an hour.

Afterwards, I gently wrapped the henna tattoo in tissue and then wore a plastic glove ( the soft food service kind ) over the pattern for the rest of the night. This process of wrapping in tissue and plastic really helps to get the darkest color possible because henna is a heat activated body dye.

It is also clear in this photo that henna gives the darkest color on the palms of the hands. The henna stain is lighter as it moves up the arm although the same paste was applied to both areas. Some people get darker color on the arm than I do. It is really a matter of skin type, body chemistry and some times, the color of the skin.

The nice thing about this palm tattoo is that it leaves much of the hand free for everyday tasks. So.. if you want a simple henna tattoo on your palm, this kind of pattern will work well for you. 2008 Jamila henna powder is still available for $8.50 each 100 gram box with free shipping in the USA.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tribal Henna Tattoo for the Hand

tribal henna tattoo - original henna patternHere is a tribal henna tattoo for the back of the hand. This design uses components common in many North African patterns.

In keeping with the "less is more" philosophy of life, I tried to accent the natural beauty of my clients hand using a pattern that drew the eye, but did not over whelm. Also, if you notice, the henna pattern avoids the joints of the fingers, and is "out of the way" so that a busy day can easily be accomplished.

If you do choose to get henna on the back of the hand, and want to get the darkest stain possible, then please try to leave the paste in place until you to to bed that night.

That evening, after you remove the dried paste with olive oil, sleeping in a glove (plastic or otherwise) will help heat up the henna to give a dark result.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Henna Fish - Tattoo for Festival Days

fish tattoo henna tattoo free handThis little fish is a "chef's choice" pattern for the back of the hand. It took just a few minutes to create a henna pattern based on the koi.. or fancy goldfish concept.

Once the outline was drawn for the eyes & head, the rest of the fish just flowed along. You will notice the pattern is filled in with traditional henna components, the line, spot, curved and straight lines.

I hope you enjoy it. If you would like one, just stop by the Midnight Sun in Five Points, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Henna Tattoo - A simple pattern shines with gilding.

gilded henna tattoo for the back of the handHere is a photo of a freehand henna tattoo with just a bit of gilding added to make Saturday a bit more glamorous. If you click the photo, you will be able to see a larger image of the turquoise & green glitter gel added to highlight the henna tattoo.

Gilding paste is made with cosmetic glitters, or cosmetic powders and a stiff hair gel as the carrier for the color. Sometimes fine glitter is hard to come by, but if you have a mortar & pestle, it only takes a few moments to grind economy glitter into a shimmering powder.

I apply the gilding using a clear henna cone. (Cellophane cones hold up very well & enable clients to see just what color they will get.) I have learned to wait until the henna has dried and at least one glaze of lemon sugar has been applied.

For more photos of gilded henna tattoo, visit the Henna Jewels gallery on my site. There are other photos of gilded henna tattoo in this blog.. check the labels to the right of this post for the complete list.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Need Inspiration? Henna Patterns from India!

Pyari Pyari Henna Tattoo Booklet

Here is another of the wonderful little booklets that helped me start to think like a henna artist. Full of 25 different patterns for hands & feet as well as little doodles for fingers and toes, this small booklet is a great addition to your henna library.

This henna pattern booklet measures 4.5" x 6.75" and has a colorful cover, sure to catch the eye of the henna newcomer. The patterns are printed on a soft grey paper that seems recycled, but I can't tell.

This book as well as several others are now for sale at $4.50 each ( free shipping in the USA ). Just click the title of the book to see more choices, or to add ths lovely gem of a pattern book to your collection.

Just want to browse? Stop by Midnight Sun on Saturday and you are welcome to look through these kinds of pattern books. Who knows, you may choose to get an intricate bit of body art for yourself. See you there?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gilded Henna Tattoo - The Peacock in Turquoise

gilded henna tattoo back of hand peacock patternI feel very happy with this tattoo design. I used the "sketching" technique I learned from the fabulous video previously posted to draw out the main components for this pattern.

I remembered to outline the primary design as soon as I drew it so that I would not be dazzled by the detail & forget to create the white space in process. You will see that the gilded nicely fills those "white space" areas in this photo.

If you want a closer look, just click the photo for more details. My client was very happy with her pattern, and enjoyed the process of watching the sketched outline be filled in with various traditional henna components.

I started the pattern fartest from the finger tips & worked my way down the hand. If you look, you can see that the paisley, floral component & peacock head stand out in this pattern as they are surrounded by space.

Now.. for all or you experienced artists, I am sure these tips are not news at all. I am however, spatially dyslexic & needed this kind of obvious "how to" to progress in the art form.

Well that's all for now! Namaste.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

2008 Jamila Henna • Finished Color on Back of Hand

2008 henna color Jamila henna powderHere is a photo of the results of Jamila Henna 36 hours after the paste was removed. I feel good this wonderful dark reddish brown stain.

Please bear in mind that this is a photo of finished henna on 52 year old skin... and henna on the hand of a skinny woman at that! I am sure lovely, young skin will give a much better finished color than this. For those who are new to henna tattoo, here are a few tips you might want to know if you want to get good rich color for your finished tattoo.

First, the warmer you are, the more your pores open and the deeper the henna can penetrate the skin, so summer weather is good for henna.
Second, henna works best when the paste reamains wet. To keep your paste from drying too quickly, you can either continue to apply lemon sugar to your tattoo to keep the paste active as long as possible.. or you can have the pattern "wrapped" to go.
Third, the longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker the finished color.
Finally, if you moisturize the design area with olive oil, or another vegetable oil, you will get a darker tattoo than those who do not moisturize.

Some clients blow dry their finished tattoos after the paste is removed to help get a darker stain. ( Many people report good results with this method.)

I will publish fotos of the 2008 crop on the palm asap! So.. subscribe to my blog, or just come back for a visit later.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bridal Henna for Back of Hand - Thanks Toni!

intricate henna tattoo back of handThanks to all the generous artists who post videos of their work in process! I have learned so much about how to layout the designs as a result of watching their work.

I now use a a much thinner paste than I was using before, and a finer tip on the rolled cone.

I never did like mylar cones, but I found some floral plastic wrap that is comfortable to touch and responds well to pressure. It has a smooth feeling & I am not worried that I will "pop" it.

You may notice that I have a better grasp of the use of white space in this henna tattoo. In part, this is because I remembered to outline components when they were finished.

Of course one of the best blessings to henna tattoo practice is a willing & very still model. The success of this pattern is due in large part to my very patient model. Thanks Toni!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Arabic Style Henna for the Arm - Chef's Choice Henna

arabic style henna tattoo for the arm - bridal style henna tattooI am always grateful to my trusting henna clients who order "Chef's Choice". I mentioned to Rachel that I was really inspired by the excellent work of the artist who is featured in the henna video below, and that I wanted to practice that more intricate style of henna.

Lucky for me she agreed and here you see the result. This photo shows the henna paste on the skin.. and not black henna. We used the '08 crop of Jamila Henna so I have no doubt the finished color will be excellent! The henna powder created a nice gummy paste when I mixed it. The paste flowed easily and I could "drop lines" of paste on the skin when creating the tattoo, so I really enjoyed that.

I feel so fortunate that highly skilled henna artists are willing to post their work in action. I am a visual learner, and it is so wonderful to watch other artists think.
So.. I went browsing around and found a great live action henna video from Nepal that I will post in the near future. Right now, I am inspired to do a bit more bridal quality henna for practice & will post those photos soon.

Namaste 'til next time.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amazing "How To" Bridal Henna Video

This is one of the most useful live demonstrations of How To apply henna. I have learned so much watching this great artist fill hands with mehandi. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jamila Henna Powder • Rich Dark Color

henna powder jamila henna colorHere is a bold pattern for the palm of the hand. This dark color is achieved with the last of the '07 Jamila Henna.
I used lemon juice, henna tea & jamila henna to start the paste.

After about 4 hours I added cajeput, neroli, lavendar and a bit of pomegranate juice to the mixture. I made a fairly liquid paste and used a medium tip mylar cone to achieve this design.

I did wrap the henna in tissue and wear a thin plastic glove overnight to get the darkest color possible. Of course, the color will be even darker tomorrow.. but I had a moment to put this photo up for you today.

I will have new photos online next week showing the finished color achieved with the 2008 harvest of Jamila henna which is just now for sale at Spirit Vision Henna.

The new henna pattern booklets from India are also for sale & make a great gift for the aspiring mehandi artist.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2008 Jamila Henna is HERE!! Great Price & Free Shipping

2008 Jamila Henna Powder
I just received my case of Jamila Henna! The 2008 Harvest is fresh off the plane & ready to ship. For those of you who like to freeze your henna for later use, now is the time to purchase. I will not put this order in the freezer for at least a week so that you will have time to buy.
Please notice that the sale price of $8.50 per 100 gram box includes free shipping by First Class Mail in the USA. If you are ordering from outside the US, please send a note that includes your ship to address & I will give you the best shipping price possible.
To see un-retouched photos of the deep red color possible with Jamila henna visit the henna powder page at Spirit Vision. PayPal shopping cart buttons are on line. Off we go!

Friday, July 04, 2008

Henna Tattoo Video • Arabic Style How to Henna

Here is the work of a very talented traditional artist. I love her use of bold lines & white space while creating a very full look for the palm of the hand. I just wnat to do more of this kind of art. Don't you want to have some traditional henna ??? I love this pattern. What you you think?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Henna Pattern Booklets from India - Ready to Ship

henna pattern booklet cover
I have received the balance of my order of henna tattoo pattern booklets from India. Here is one of my favorites: "Latest Mehadi - Arabic Henna Designs Booklet". I have posted a photo of the cover page as well as a sample pattern.

These booklets are for sale at Spirit Vision Henna for $4.50 each with free shipping in the USA. They are printed on a soft grey colored paper,are 31 pages long and at least 25 of them are henna patterns.

The booklet is printed in the language you see on the cover and contains a good balance of bold as well as traditional, or fine line henna tattoo patterns. The cover photo on this booklet alone really helps me introduce new clients to the art of mehndi.

If you click the title of this post, you will go to my website to see other new henna booklets. Secure online shopping provided by PayPal. Please feel welcome to email me any questions you might have. Limited quantities available!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Fine Line Henna Palm - Paste on skin

henna tattoo bridal quality henna tattooAfter browsing through the collection of traditional henna tattoo patterns from India, my client chose this design.

To be sure, this is a modified version of the pattern as we were having henna party at the Midnight Sun. For a private party, please contact the studio by phone or e-mail. Henna is available by walk-in appointment only on Saturdays from 1:00 until 5:00 in Five Points.

Sometimes Spirit Vision Henna offers mehandi at the First Friday party in Five Points at Bead Here Now. The best way to get your henna is to give a call.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cajeput Oil & Pomegranate Juice! Great Henna Color

original henna pattern palm of hand red finished colorI used cajeput oil in this mix to get this great finished color only 14 hours off the skin. This is the 2007 crop of Jamila henna giving this good color. The henna paste was allowed to remain on the palm of the hand for about 6 hours.
I was lucky to get this foto before the beach party. I am happy to share it with you.

For those new to Spirit Vision Henna.. this is a "chef's choice" pattern. It is an easy way to get a unique henna tattoo that fits your style & your budget.

Be sure to click the photo for a larger view. Also, to see more henna tattoos visit Spirit Vision on myspace.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Kissing Fish Henna Tattoo - Henna by Ann George

kissing fish henna tattoo

Here is a great tattoo pattern from the collection of Catherine Cartwright-Jones, rendered as best as possible by yours truely, Ann George... aspiring henna artist.

This tattoo was chosen for its meaning as well the visual beauty of the design.

These two fancy goldfish are kissing in a little spray of bubbles. I love the flowing detail of their fins and tails. This is a great tattoo for a Pisces woman. I used a liquid paste & fine tip on the plastic cone to make this design possible.

If you are new to henna tattoo and are trying to find some great patterns to share with your customers, please be sure to visit Tap Dancing Lizard! The Sangeet book is a favorite!

You may notice a little bit of color that seems to be running from the tattoo. This is just the lemon sugar glaze dripping a bit. Be sure, I dabbed up the excess with a cotton swab before my client left. The lemon sugar glaze helps the henna stay on the skin! The longer the henna stays & the warmer the client is.. the darker the finished color.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Quick Henna Tattoo - Peacock Pattern for Back of Hand

henna peacock tattoo finished color

Many thanks to Ron & Rachel for this foto of the finished color of a henna tattoo design inspired by the little henna booklets I received from India.

Of course this design is not as intricate as the one in the photo, but we were having "First Friday in Five Points" so everyone got a little something. On Saturday afternoons at Midnight Sun I usually have a bit more time to spend with everyone. If you want a more complex design, it is best to arrive @ 1:30 ... before the late afternoon rush.

I always bring plenty of patterns for you to choose from, or you can order "Chef's Choice" which may be the best way to get a quick henna tattoo that fits your style & your budget.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Moroccan henna in Morocco mehndi body art tattoos

I learned so much about mixing a good paste from this video. Now, my henna is much more liquid, is easier to apply quickly, and give a deeper color as it dries more slowly. Thanks to this fine artist, my work is much improved.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Henna Pattern Booklets from India - Ready to Ship

arabic heena designs booklet from india

I have just uploaded the first five of the newly arrived henna tattoo pattern booklets from India! I have two of each style at the moment. If I sell out of a booklet you want, I will offer a selection of five more to choose from.

These henna design booklets contain traditional patterns for hands and feet. They are 4.5" x 6.75" with a colorful cover and contain 25 henna patterns. They are printed on a soft gray paper, and some offer recipes in English. Most are written in a language I can't read or speak, but the patterns are great.

I always take at least three traditional pattern books to events so that Western customers can get an idea of the art in its "pure" form.

To purchase, booklets are $4.95 USD each, click the title of this post to go to Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo. Secure shopping by PayPal. Free Shipping in the USA.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Henna Pattern Books - Artist's Picks

Bridal Henna Tattoo for Brooke - Original Henna Pattern

bridal henna tattoo

Brook designed this unique henna tattoo for her wedding day as we went along. I was very lucky to feel pretty good about drawing trees so that I felt pretty well qualified to help design the pattern for her.

She sent me some samples by email of styles she liked. As well, she looked through some of the pattern books I brought to our appointment before deciding on an asymmetrical tree design. The patterns she had sent me had a Turkish feeling which I tried to include in the style of the leaves, and the spacing of the lines.

The backs of the hands were done very simply, again with an asymmetric design offering an Arabic look. The pattern she chose for the feet was a traditional "sandal" style that mirrored the organic feeling of the palm pattern.

I hope to be able to post photos of the finished color for you soon. 'Til then, just click the image for a close up.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Impromptu Butterfly Henna Tattoo

henna butterfly tattoobutterfly henna tattoo

Here are photos of a butterfly tattoo garden I did on Saturday. My client really enjoys floral designs & free style henna, so I am able to try new patterns.

The first photo shows the design on the inner wrist. The second photo shows the design as it moves from the inner wrist to the outer arm. In this way, there is a little bit of henna pattern visible, but the main pattern is "hidden". I am still working to perfect my butterfly skills, and hope to post more fotos in the future.

To see larger images, just click the photos. For more henna tattoos for the arms, visit Spirit Vision Henna.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tribal Henna Tattoos from Midnight Sun

henna tattoo tribal stylepattern by catherine cartwright-jonestribal henna tattoo

Here are three little photos of tribal style henna tattoo people ordered at the Midnight Sun on Saturday June 7, 2008. The henna patterns for the back of the hands are derived from traditional components from African patterns.

The bold snake & bird tattoo is a favorite of one of my favorite customers! This pattern is made possible for her by the generosity of Catherine Cartwright-Jones who has published so many patterns for henna artists to use! Just click the little photos for a larger view.

Photos by Ann George Studios, Inc. and Spirit Vision Henna. All rights reserved.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Henna at Bead Here Now! Five Points Block Party

henna tattoo for top of foot - original henna design

Spirit Vision Henna is happy to be invited to offer henna tattoo tonight, Friday June6, 2008 at fabulous Bead Here Now for the Five Points Block Party.

This is a good time to come by & get a little henna on the hands, wrists or arms. Party settings often require that you pay a bit more attention to keep your henna smudge free until it's dry.

Of course if you want a lovely tattoo for the foot - the evening is a good time. The design to the left really requires that you leave barefoot. If you want to keep enjoying the block party, a foot tattoo may not be your best choice. Perhaps the ankle?

Bead Here Now is located at 1051 Park Street, Riverside, Jacksonville Florida.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kanji Henna Tattoo for Men

henna tattoo for men kanji henna

Many thanks for this finished color photo of a Kanji henna tattoo on the wrist. Kanji is an excellent choice for men as it presents a tribal look and brings the advantage of a personal or spiritual meaning.

While Kanji is often applied to the upper arm, I find it best to put spiritually significant Kanji over the pulse point on the wrist. For those of you new to pulse point therapy, the idea is to put power symbols over areas where the blood is close to the surface of the body, and where the pulse is easily felt. The purpose is that when the blood passes under the image it is blessed by, or attuned to the meaning of the symbol.

This particular design had a personal meaning created by the combination of two symbols. I bring a small book of Kanji with me to every party or event, and you are welcome to choose one, or to bring your own. Please be sure to visit the "New American Tribal" tattoo gallery on line at Spirit Vision Henna for more ideas.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Henna Peacock for the Ankle

henna tattoo peacock design

Here is a quick henna tattoo for the ankle. As you can see from the photos, there is still a gentle trace of a floral henna pattern in place on the foot... so we used that as the ground for the peacock pattern.

I do use a heavier line for tattoos on the ankle.. I find this gives a bold look that lasts well... and is easy to see.

If you are hoping to give henna a try, but haven't made it to Midnight Sun on Saturdays, I will be a "Bead Here Now" on Friday June 6, 2008 at 6:00PM.

A pattern like this takes about five minutes and costs about $10. I will bring lots of pattern books to choose from.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gilded Henna Tattoo - simple & elegant

gilded henna tattoo for women of color

Here is an example of the exotic beauty possible with just a bit of gilding added to your design. We started with a simple, flowing floral pattern, not too busy, not too bold, and then, once it was dry, added a bit of golden gilding to highlight the tattoo.

Notice how the golden color compliments the clients hand!! as well as her nails. This gilding paste was made with a stiff setting gel & some fine golden (jewel tone) cosmetic powder from a good costume shop.

You may want to click the photo to enlarge it for a better view. It is possible to see the tiny spots of gold added to the pattern at the tip of the finger. This was a "chef's choice" pattern, and I am sure you can see it is a popular floral motif, modified to fit the clients hand.

Gilding pastes come in a variety of colors... but it is important to know that they will only last for the day. When you take your henna paste off, the gilding comes away, and unlike the henna, there is no dye left after the paste is removed. For those of you new to henna tattoo, the dark paste you see is NOT black henna, but a photo of the tattoo with the paste still on the skin.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jamial Henna Powder on Sale

jamila henna powder on sale

Enjoy free shipping in the USA for the last of the 2007 henna powder I have on hand. Each 100 gram box provides enough henna powder for 5 or 6 cones of paste and they are on sale for $6.00 each.

i am still having good results with the 2007 harvest: super sifted powder, fine lines, dark color on palms, backs of hands and legs.

The next shipment will arrive sometime in July if all goes as planned. Click the title of this post to go to the shopping cart section of my henna site.

I also hope to be able to offer Yemeni henna this year. I will have a sample in the Studio mid June to test. Look for the 2008 crop of Jamila Henna to arrive mid July.