Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gilded Henna Tattoo - Simple Patterns with Jeweled Color

gilded henna tattooHere is an example of gilding. Notice the jeweled colors in the henna tattoo? This is not colored henna, rather it is gilding paste, a very temporary form of body art that lasts only as long as you don't wash your hands.

Gilding is a great way to embellish your henna design. And, while simple henna tattoos are very fashionable, and are created to accent the natural beauty of your hand, the gilding is just a bit of fancy for the day. Many times people will choose gilding colors to match the outfit they are wearing when they have their henna applied.

The gilding paste is made from glitters, jewel powders and sometimes cosmetic powders mixed with a neutral carrier gel. Gidling is applied with a cone, just like henna, so you can easily get the very same effect as a henna tattoo using only gilding paste. It is very important to wait for your henna paste to dry before adding the gilding, your artist will help you with that.

For examples of gilding, visit the gilded henna gallery at Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Henna Tattoo in Jacksonville Florida - 8/30

henna pattern latest arabic henna booklet sample imageCom on down to the Midnight Sun import store this Saturday August 30, 3008 and fill your hands with the latest in Arabic henna fashion.

Ann George will bring a collection of the latest heena patterns as well as a big collection of tribal henna tattoo designs and traditional Indian henna tattoos. This is a sample image from the little henna tattoo pattern booklet available for sale at Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo. We will try something different this Saturday and start vending henna about 11:00 AM!

If you are new to henna tattoo, please be sure to visit the FAQ PAGE! so you have the best experience possible.

For more information about how to purchase this and other fine little booklets, visit her HENNA TATTOO BOOK STORE. If you are just hoping to find more designs, no worries.. the site is full of photo galleries of henna tattoos!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Henna Pattern - Peacock Tattoo with Flowers

henna tattoo peacock pattern for the palmHere is a photo of a full palm henna tattoo. This design was done using the "draw the outlines first" method which has really improved my finished designs.

Visit the henna videos category on this site to see one of the best "how to" videos online. I started the pattern at the wrist, drew the outlines for the peacock & the bracelet at the wrist, then moved to draw the outlines for the encircled flower pattern at the base of the hand. I went back to fill in the details of the peacock & bracelet before moving to fill the hand. After finishing that portion of the pattern I drew outlines for the flower pattern that runs up the pinky & ring finger, then the little paisley and the flower at the base of the thumb.

After filling in all those areas, it was time to finish off the fingers. I used bold strokes to finish, hoping that the use of negative space would create the little glove effect as well as enhance the complexity of the palm pattern. If you like this pattern, you may enjoy a visit to the Henna Patterns page on my site. There are lots of little booklets from India on sale.. filled with inspiring images.

I intent to be back to work at the MIdnight Sun this weekend. Perhaps I will see you there?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

No Henna Today - 8/23/08 - at Midnight Sun

bold arabic flowers henna tattooIt is just tooo wet to come out & do henna tattoo today!

Henna works best when it's warm, sunny, and dry as we are able to let the paste stay on the skin, undisturbed, for along time. During a tropical storm, or the remnants of one.. it is often too wet to be sure that your henna paste won't get wet as well.

For those new to henna, the reason this is important is that henna works by penetrating layers of the skin to stain it some shade of reddish brown. If water gets on the paste ( the photo shows henna paste still on the skin) then the paste can run, thus smearing the pattern a bit.

For best results you want to have the henna paste on the skin at least 6 hours, some leave the henna overnight. Let's hope next weekend will be brighter!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Intricate Henna Tattoo - Just a Doodle

intricate henna tattoo small jewelSometimes the loveliest mehandi is the little embellishment. This is a photo of an intricate henna tattoo that decorates the back of the hand.

This small jewel style is very popular with Western customers. It is just a touch of the exotic beauty we see in complex henna patterns... without covering the entire hand or arm. This freehand henna tattoo is clearly composed of traditional Indian components, but assembled in such a way as to fit the back of my clients hand.

This is a sample of the henna you can get at the Midnight Sun in Jacksonville, Florida... although we seem to be coming to then end of henna season. I am happy to continue to offer henna all year long, but as we move into the cooler months, it may be best to call ahead or to e-mail the Studio to be certain I will be at the shop. Namaste!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bridal Henna for Back of Hand

bridal henna tattoo hand and arm paste on skinIt is always wonderful to have friends! I am particularly grateful for those with the time and patience to help me perfect my skills.

This henna tattoo took about an hour and a half to complete. We were having a relaxed time, no stress or hurry, and didn't realize that time and passed so quickly. After we finished, we wrapped that tattoo in tissue and plastic to be sure to get the best color possible.

This paste, I included eucalyptus oil, clove oil, a bit of neroli & some cajeput. It was an invigorating mix that we both enjoyed. The henna flowed very smoothly from the "floral paper" cone, and I was able to provide several applications of lemon/sugar to the design to keep it moist as long as possible.

I will have finished color photos on Wednesday I hope, and will be sure to post them as soon as possible. Again, I was inspired by the many very talented artists who have so generously posted their work on line. Following their example, I did draw the primary design elements on the arm first, then filled those in, moving down to the hand and finally the fingers.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traditional Indian Henna for Feet

henna tattoo for the foot traditional patternHere is a photo of a traditional henna tattoo for the foot adapted from a pattern by Vashti. Her work was published in a henna book from India that I bought a long time ago. I am very happy to be able to offer new henna booklets from India with lots of great designs like this one.

I started this henna tattoo at the ankle and worked down from there. I used a fairly wide tip on the rolled mylar cone to be sure to get enough paste on the skin to give good color & to show off this bold design.

I did modify the pattern a bit from the original to flatter my clients foot. She was hoping to make her foot look longer & more elegant. I think the pattern she chose was excellent to accomplish this.

As well, leaving a bit of negative space between the finished medallion on the top of the foot, and the "toe ring" pattern at the tip of the foot gives the illusion of length.

She was very happy with her pattern. Sadly, we were working a bit late in the evening and did not have time to start the other foot.. perhaps next time we will be able to do some art earlier in the day.

To get good dark color on henna for the foot is it best to sleep with the paste on the skin. Some people will wrap the tattoo in tissue & plastic wrap to help "sweat" the design. This works best for me.. and always for brides. Others wrap the pattern with tissue and sleep in socks.

Both methods help this heat activated natural dye to give the darkest color possible. Other tips for dark color are published on my FAQ page and in different posts on this blog. (Notice in the photo below that we were able to incorporate her inked tattoo into the henna pattern.)

henna tattoo inside of foot

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Henna Today at the Midnight Sun - Rain or Shine Henna Party

henna tattoo pattern back of handI will be at the Midnight Sun today between 1:15 and 5:15 PM, rain or shine, to do some henna tattoo.

Pictured here is a quick little pattern that took about 6 minutes to complete, is easy to wear, and just in case in rains today, easy to keep dry.

Of course, tattoos on the feet & ankles are very popular, but not the best choice for a rainy day.

I will bring lots of pattern books to choose from, but this is a "chef's choice" design created to fit the wearer.

If you have a tattoo pattern you want, please bring it along. See you soon?

Friday, August 15, 2008

Dark Red Color in Arabic Henna Tattoo - Jamila Henna 2008

red henna color with jamila henna powder 2008Here is a bold Arabic style henna tattoo for the palm and inner wrist. The wonderful dark color is a sample of the fine red that is available when using the 2008 harvest of Jamila henna powder.

Of course, to get the best finished color, one should leave the paste on as long as possible. In this case, I applied the henna at 10:30 PM. I was able to apply several treatments with lemon sugar glaze to keep the paste wet, and therefore active for about half an hour.

Afterwards, I gently wrapped the henna tattoo in tissue and then wore a plastic glove ( the soft food service kind ) over the pattern for the rest of the night. This process of wrapping in tissue and plastic really helps to get the darkest color possible because henna is a heat activated body dye.

It is also clear in this photo that henna gives the darkest color on the palms of the hands. The henna stain is lighter as it moves up the arm although the same paste was applied to both areas. Some people get darker color on the arm than I do. It is really a matter of skin type, body chemistry and some times, the color of the skin.

The nice thing about this palm tattoo is that it leaves much of the hand free for everyday tasks. So.. if you want a simple henna tattoo on your palm, this kind of pattern will work well for you. 2008 Jamila henna powder is still available for $8.50 each 100 gram box with free shipping in the USA.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tribal Henna Tattoo for the Hand

tribal henna tattoo - original henna patternHere is a tribal henna tattoo for the back of the hand. This design uses components common in many North African patterns.

In keeping with the "less is more" philosophy of life, I tried to accent the natural beauty of my clients hand using a pattern that drew the eye, but did not over whelm. Also, if you notice, the henna pattern avoids the joints of the fingers, and is "out of the way" so that a busy day can easily be accomplished.

If you do choose to get henna on the back of the hand, and want to get the darkest stain possible, then please try to leave the paste in place until you to to bed that night.

That evening, after you remove the dried paste with olive oil, sleeping in a glove (plastic or otherwise) will help heat up the henna to give a dark result.