Sunday, May 31, 2009

Henna Tattoo - Back & Shoulder Henna Pattern

The goddess of henna muses came by for a back piece yesterday. In the spirit of all great patrons of artists everywhere, Miss Nancy gave me a general description of what she wanted in general and the complete freedom to henna as I pleased.

We talked about styles & energy.. paisley and peacocks, and the wonderful ideas of someday doing full body henna. I hope to create a unique design/ pattern/ moment of art in the near future.

However, as we were in a shop window, we opted for a henna pattern for her upper back. The first photos is of her henna design seen from the back. I was very happy to be able to use negative space in this design, as well as the "drops" effect to enhance the natural beauty of her neck & shoulders.

henna pattern, henna tattoo designThe pattern began on her right shoulder, moving across the upper back and then down the left arm. At some point, we thought to try for the half sleeve tattoo effect that is so popular for ink...
but this pattern flowed so well, and "dripped" into a graceful modern tribal sort of style that she likes & wears so well, that we opted to let the henna end as you see it here.

If you are interested in this type of henna tattoo, it is critical that you wear an outfit that will accommodate the paste. For those new to henna, please visit the FAQ page of my site for answers to most of the frequently asked questions.

It can take anywhere from ten minutes to apply a simple henna tattoo, and up to 45 minutes for a more complex henna pattern. If you are in a hurry, please add about five or six minutes of drying time to your schedule, as it is best to sit and allow the paste to dry a bit on the skin before you return to shopping at The Midnight Sun.

Henna paste is applied to the skin to stain the skin... and the longer the henna stays on the skin, the longer the natural vegetable dye can interact with the skin, creating a darker stain when the final color is revealed. Therefore, wearing clothing that will allow the paste to rest undisturbed on the skin is necessary for an successful finished pattern.

Now that it is indeed henna season, it is best to call ahead and make an appointment for a complex henna design!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Full Palm Henna Tattoo

henna pattern quick palm henna patternHere is a quick pattern for a full palm henna tattoo with a floral feel.

My customer wanted a traditional henna look without bridal pricing... which is when the use of negative space makes a henna tattoo come alive, seem very full & traditional, without requiring more than 15 minutes or so.

This pattern starts at the wrist & then uses two double paisley patterns to contain the bulk of the design. Henna rings were used on the fingers, with little ring jewels on the tips.

Henna will naturally flake off over time, and of course with movement, so the rings were placed between the finger joints. Placing the henna paste away from the joints of the fingers made this an easy to wear henna pattern for a busy shopping day. The henna tattoo was sprayed several times with a a lemon sugar glaze to help it stay in place.

full palm henna tattoo with peacock As it is now henna season, it's best to call ahead to schedule your henna tattoo at The Midnight Sun. Visit Spirit Vision Henna for more information. This month's special is one full palm tattoo, similar to the one you see here, for $25.00. If you want both palms done, then it is best to have a driver.. or to choose a pattern similar to this second pattern.

This client had to drive for the little party that stopped by the shop. As you can see the henna design makes use of "negative space" to enhance the peacock pattern and to leave plenty of room to handle the steering wheel while driving a stick shift car.

If you have another style of henna tattoo in mind, no worries. There are lots of pattern books to look through, however the special pricing is for "Chef's Choice" henna. This means that your artist will create a custom design based on your preference for tribal, floral, Arabic or Indian styles.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jamila Henna - finished color after 18 hours

finished color - red henna tattooHere is a photo of the almost finished color of the henna tattoo pattern from 5/21/09. To get this deep red color on the palm Cat let the henna paste wear off naturally. As several coatings of lemon sugar glaze were applied, this took awhile. Also, she did not wash the tattoo for at least 12 hours after the henna paste was applied.

You will notice that the darkest color is on the palm of the hand, and that the henna becomes lighter as the pattern moves up the arm. This change in color is due to the change in the skin. The skin on the palm is usually more fleshy, and of course more porous than the thinner skin of the inner arm.

This pattern took about 45 minutes to complete. The paste was made using the 2008 crop of Jamila Henna Powder. I have about a dozen boxes left for sale, and then it's time to wait for the next harvest! Please visit my site if you would like to have a 100 gram box of this excellent henna powder on the way to you while supplies left.

Need a bit of inspiration? I have a good selection of henna pattern booklets from India. You might add one to your henna powder order? The shipping is free.

With best wishes,

Ann George

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bridal Henna - Free Hand Design

One of the great joys of the web is that it enables me to see the great skills of other mehndi artists.

This photo is inspired by the work of the fine artist at Hasina Mehnd. AFter seeing one of her more recent henna designs, I knew I had to work a bit harder to be able to offer my customers the best of traditional henna.

I was lucky to have a willing volunteer, and about an hour of to do this design. The design went along rather quickly until I got to the middle of the palm of the hand. This is traditional henna, and I hope to be able to offer more photos, more often.

If you would like to have a henna like this, it is best to make an appointment. This kind of henna takes a plenty of paste, space & free time.

I hope you will be inspired to enjoy this lovely body art.

Ann George
Spirit Vision Henna Tattoo

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Henna - Full Palms Bridal Henna Tattoo

wedding henna tattoo full palms
It is always an honor to be included in wedding day celebrations. I am pleased to publish a photo of the brides henna tattoo.
She choose to include several spiritual symbols in her henna, and from those images, the henna pattern unfolded in that energy. Here you see the photo of both palms, with the henna paste on the skin.

Please feel welcome to contact the artists of Spirit Vision Henna for your wedding, celebration, gathering.. or just for a "girls night out". We have a large collection of pattern books, as well, Ann George is an accomplished free hand artist.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Full Palm Henna Tattoo

full palm henna tattoo © ann george studios, incGreetings & best wishes to all!

This is a quick post to let you know that this Satuday, May 16, 2009, the artists of Spirit Vision Henna will be out of town for a wedding party. We will not be at The Midnight Sun.

We will however be back again on Saturday, May 23, 2009. Please feel welcome to call to schedule a henna appointment for next Saturday, or if you prefer, stop by the shop between 11:30 AM and 5:15 PM for your mehandi.

We use only freshly prepared henna paste - our own recipe! - to ensure deep lasting color. For more information about getting your first henna tattoo, please visit the FAQ page.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Before & After Henna Tattoo Photos

custom henna tattoo for the feet paste oneThis first photo show the first part of the henna tattoo process after the paste has been applied to the skin.

This tattoo was done rather late at night, so the modl left the henna paste on her skin, wearing white cotton socks to bed so that she could get the darkest stain possible.

For good color, that being deep rich color, the longer the paste can interact with the skin, the darker the finished color should be.

henna tattoo after past is removed 8 hours laterIn this photo you are able to see the beginning color of a henna tattoo after the paste is removed. As you can see, the henna paste left on the skin for a period of hours leave a bright orange stain on the tops of the feet.

This bright color will darken over the next 48 hours to a deeper color, providing that some aftercare is taken. In general, it is best to apply olive oil over the finished henna twice a day or more. It is very important to do this before bathing.

Other tips to help your color develop are to keep the tattoo warm ( some clients use a blow dryer to heat up the skin after the paste is removed to deepen the color, ) avoid chlorinated water & especially avoid skin products that contain petroleum ( this includes most all American skin lotions & creams.)

The text & photos on this blog are copyrighted by Ann George Studios, Inc and the artists of Spirit Vision Henna. They may not be used without permission.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

Arm Jewelry - a henna tattoo pattern for the inner arm

henna tattoo pattern for the inner armHere is a henna tattoo pattern for the inner arm. It is a free hand design which took about ten minutes from start to finish. The pattern flows with the muscle structure of the client, as well ... the energy flow of this particular goddess who was just open to what ever art seemed right for the day.

One of the blessings of doing henna in Five Points is that more & more clients are choosing henna as living art - thus art for art's sake, or as a means of self-expression. Sometimes just as a treat, a bit of pampering that takes one on the evolutionary journey of Mehandi, or henna tattoo.

If you have never had henna before, then you see in this photo what appears to be a black tattoo. What you are really seeing is a photo of henna paste still on the skin. Under the paste, the henna mixture is interacting with the skin. Henna is a heat activated body dye that penetrates the skin.

The hotter the skin is, the more the pores open, and the deeper the final color. Also, in warm weather, we may sweat a bit, and this helps to keep the paste moist on the skin. When the paste is moist, it can easily stain the skin. This is why lemon sugar is applied after the paste is a bit dry... to keep it moist & active. Also, the sugar in the glaze helps keep the henna from falling off the skin.

At present, henna tattoo is offer only on Saturdays on a walk-in basis at 1055 Park Street, The Midnight Sun, in Five Points, Riverside, Jacksonville, Florida. Please feel welcome to call (904) 993-7466 for more information.