Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oops - no henna this Saturday - 3/27/09

modern henna tattoo for back of the handhenna palm tattoo
Greetings & best wishes,

I will not be offering henna at the Midnight Sun today. However, I will post a few tempting fotos from last weekends henna time.
Maybe you will give me a call to schedule something for Saturday 4/4/09?


Ann George

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Full Palm Henna Tattoo - First of the Season

henna tattoo full palm jamila henna tattooJamila henna makes such a fine, smooth paste that it only takes a few moments to create a lovely complex design like the one in this photo.

I am always happy to start the season with customers who really want the full henna experience, the intricate pattern, cooling paste, relaxing atmosphere and ambient music.

I enjoyed meeting a new friend - a charming Pisces man - who ordered this pattern. (yes - men get henna!).
I thank Phillip so much for sharing time & space with me. As henna season is off to a very good start, you might want to call to schedule your appointment on Saturday.

For more information, just click the title of this post.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Henna Season At The Midnight Sun - Appointments Welcome

henna tattoo  on back of hand henna patternHenna Season starts today at The Midnight Sun. Spirit Vision Henna will offer henna tattoo from Noon 'til 5:00m today.. Saturday 3/7/09.

There are lots of pattern books to look through, or you may order a chef's choice henna like the one pictured on the left. Chef's choice makes it easy to get a design you like at price you can afford.

Simple patterns start at $15.00 this year. If you just want some tiny little jewel tattoo, also fine. Those are $10 and take under 5 minutes.

Please visit the FAQ page for quick answer to all those first henna questions such as l where can I put a henna tattoo, how long does it last, what colors does it come in.

You will receive aftercare instructions as well so that you get the best color possible. Walk-in clients are welcome!

Friday, March 06, 2009

First Henna at First Friday in Five Points

Henna Tattoo this afternoon & evening in Five Points!

Stop by Bead Here Now and get your first henna tattoo of the season.
Spirit Vision Henna will set up as early as 4:00 PM.... so you don't have to wait for the big party to start. Our little one will be in process.

The freehand tattoo at the left was a 30 minute chef's choice special. Want one??
Henna is on sale tonight.

Stop by for to see Ann George's portfolio.. and order your henna!