Thursday, June 22, 2017

Henna Art • Relax & Be Decorated!

Many first time henna clients in Jacksonville, Florida are new to the idea of henna, or mehandi which is a temporary “tattoo”. 

There are no needles used. A fragrant paste is created by your artist to stain your skin. The finished color depends on you! 

The goal of a true henna artist is to make you look beautiful! Every woman has a different hand shape and therefore I design a custom tattoo to make your hand, wrist, arm, foot or ankle as lovely as possible. 

Henna is a freehand art form, and as I have been practicing this art for 20 years, I just need a little bit of direction from you. I need to know if you like “Tribal”, “Floral” or “Traditional” henna patterns. 

While it is fine to bring along a photo from the Internet to give me an idea of the style you like, on a “Walk In” henna day the goal is for everyone who wants some art to enjoy the process and receive a lovely design. 

Complex designs that look great on Pinterest usually take a good while to apply, cost much more than $15 or $20, and may or may not make your hand look lovely. 

Many designs from the web that I am seeing these days are very symmetric! Henna hands don’t match. The beauty of the art lies between the chaos and the negative space. 

I have a portfolio of over 300 designs for you to review. I have pattern books as well, and you are welcome to browse through them to give me an idea of what you like. 

What works best is for you to tell me how much you want to spend and the style you like. Then, please allow me to give you the best henna tattoo for your hand shape and budget!

Please come with oil free, product free skin. (Henna cannot penetrate body oils & lotions.) Please put the henna some where you can allow the paste to be exposed to the Sun. Henna is a heat activated body art. 

This Saturday we should have a nice warm day, and no rain. Although a sunny day is best, partly cloudy will do just fine. Cash preferred. Debit & Credit accepted. Please visit my blog for more information. 

Henna day begins at 12:30 this Saturday, June 24, 2017 at Midnight Sun. This is one of the loveliest import stores I have ever seen. There are wonderful clothes, jewels, stones, soaps, incense.... I am sure you will enjoy the shop if there is a wait for your henna. 

For more information you may visit my Facebook page or call 904-993-7466.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Henna Tattoo & The Rainy Season in Jacksonville

Spirit Vision Henna will not be offering henna tattoo this Saturday, June 17, 2017 due to the long week of rainy weather. 

It has been raining every day for the last four or perhaps five days in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Although the forecast for Saturday promises 90 degrees and no rain, I am skeptical. 

I prefer to make henna paste when it is at least 80 degrees Farenheit and the weather is sunny. 

If it is 90 degrees, the henna powder will release good color in a day. 

At 80 degrees, I prefer to allow two days for the paste to develop. (I have always made my own henna paste with fresh, first quality ingredients.) 

As a henna artist who has been offering mehandi for 20 years, most often on Saturday, I can tell you that it seems that the weather is conspiring against me. Four or five years ago, henna season began in late February or early March.

As the weather stays cool longer, henna season starts later & later. This year I could not get a really offer first quality henna until early May. 

Many people do not know that henna is a heat activated body art and that the preparation of a good henna paste is required heat and dry weather. 

I cure my henna outside on my porch. I leave it on the ledge the first day. I will bring it in to rest, and essential oils and put it out to release the dye again the next day.

have not been able to make a fresh paste this week. The weather has been humid and overcast. Making henna paste in humid weater really doesn’t work well. The powder seems to absorb water from the air regardless of the protection I take to keep the paste dry. This results in a poor quality stain. 

If you come in for a henna tattoo, spend time and money to buy a lovley desing, I want you get the best color possible. 

If you take your henna tattoo out in to the sunshine and allow it to cure for several hours this really helps you get good color.  The hotter you get, the more you perspire, the more your pores will open. This allows the paste to penetrate deeper into your skin. 

The henna will take 48 hours to develop. Again, after you scrape the paste off your skin, if you will stay warm you will get a better stain. In short - the hotter you get, the better your finished color. 

72 degrees is too “cold” to get the best color.  80 or 90 degrees is just fine for a good stain. I realize that many people keep their homes in the low 70s in Summer. To get a good stain there are steps you can take to keep your henna hot while you stay cool:

  • After you scrape the paste from your skin, you may choose to wear a glove to keep your henna warm.
  • Please keep oil on your henna tattoo to keep the heat in and water out. 
  • You may choose to use a blow dryer to heat your henna up from time to time.
  • If you got henna on your wrist or inner arm, you may also use a plastic film to trap heat and help the color devleop. 

I am hoping next week we will have good weather! 

Monday, June 05, 2017

Henna Tattoo Patterns • Simple, Elegant Body Art in Jacksonville, Florida.

Here are a few photos from the Spirit Vision Henna event at Midnight Sun, 1055 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida. Walk in for henna most every Saturday 12:30 - 5:00 pm.