Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Simple Henna Jewel - Intricate Pattern

henna peacock tattooHere is a tiny little peacock tattoo for the back of the hand.

Although the photo may be a bit fuzzy, it is an excellent image to illustrate the fine lines possible with Jamila Henna Powder and a hand rolled henna cone.

It took about five minutes to complete this little peacock tattoo. The pattern is from the Sangeet pattern book already mentioned in previous posts.

For a good selection of Henna Pattern Booklets, please visit my little import store to see all the kinds of authentic henna booklets from India I have for sale.

Henna Tattoo Design for the Back of the Hand.

henna pattern for back of handThis photo is an example of a custom, or "chef's choice" henna tattoo.

As you can see, Margaret is wearing a beautiful ring, which is quite large. As henna tattoo is an adornment, and used to make a woman's hand look even more beautiful, a free hand henna tattoo was created to compliment this turquoise stone.

This tattoo took about 10 minutes to complete. I used Jamila henna powder, which is always shipped fresh & finely sifted, and hand rolled cone to give the fine lines you see in this tattoo.

You might also notice the shading used on the flower at the wrist. Two coats of lemon/sugar glaze were applied to help the paste stick to the skin as long as possible, thus providing a deep, rich color.

This kind of quick tattoo costs $20 to apply. You will receive a consent form and aftercare instructions with every tattoo, every time. The henna paste is made fresh, contains only natural ingredients & gentle essential oils. Many people report that the experience of henna is just as lovely as the tattoo they receive.

Stop by The Midnight Sun on a Saturday for your henna moment. Subscribe to this blog for updates, new images, tips and tricks for beautiful mehandi every time.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tank Tops & Henna Tattoos - Good Summer Fun

floral henna tattoo from Sangeet pattern bookHere is a lovely henna tattoo for the back. This henna design is adapted from the Sangeet Pattern Book by Neeta Sharma.

This is far and away the most popular book of henna designs I have on hand. Her designs are eye catching, traditional, and many are little henna jewels that go anywhere.

This henna tattoo is one example of her art. I like the design because it adapts so easily to the shoulder. Please know that henna does not stain the skin on the shoulder, neck or back the same deep rich color that you see on the palms of the hands. Some clients leave the henna paste on long enough, and stay warm enough to get a rich color on the back,

For more information about henna tattoo and henna parties please visit: Spirit Vision Henna.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Henna for Summer Sandals!

henna tattoo on the toesStop by this Saturday, relax and enjoy the cool, air conditioned ambience of The Midnight Sun after a day of shopping for just a touch of henna tattoo! This photo shows how a bit of mehandi can really create a dramatic look when properly applied.

This client wore a lovely golden sandal to The Midnight Sun, and had only a few moments to spend getting henna. Her pattern took no more than 10 minutes from start to finish.. including the lemon sugar glaze I use to ensure that your henna tattoo stays in place.

Most henna tattoos start at $15 and go up from there. Spirit Vision Henna uses fresh henna paste, carefully prepared to be safe for all ages, and of course to give a deep, lasting stain. For more information on when, where and how to get a good henna outcome, please visit the FAQ page.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Simple Henna Pattern - Design for the Back of the Hand.

henna design for the back of the handHere is a photo of Shannon's henna from the First Friday party.

The pattern was built to accommodate her rings & bracelets, and the busy night ahead. The design was done in little sections as she was busy waiting on shoppers - answering questions & of course selling lots of wonderful beads!!

We are hoping to see you First Friday in July for a bit of body art... or most any Saturday at 1055 Park Street, The MIdnight Sun.

Call (904) 993-7466 for more information about henna tattoo in Jacksonville, Florida. Or visit Spirit Vision Henna.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Henna Tattoo at Bead Here Now - First Friday in Five Points

Spirit Vision Henna is offering a special on palm patterns for the First Friday party at Bead Here Now. Take the plunge, and put henna where henna loves to be, on the palm of the hand.

Henna gives the deepest, darkest, finished color on the palm of the hand. Why? Because henna is a heat activated body dye that works by penetrating the skin.
The palm is fleshy, has lots of tiny pores to absorb the henna stain, and palms are usually warm.

The First Friday Special is a custom henna pattern - a "Chef's Choice" - to give you the full palm henna experience using bold strokes, lots of negative space, and the elements you prefer. If you are feeling floral, tribal, traditional or even whimsical, henna artist Ann George will design a pattern just for you, $25 for a simple full palm henna.

Here is a photo of the great red color you can get from good paste and a quick design on the palm. Stop by Bead Here Now after 6:00 PM to get your special.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Saris & Salwar Kameez from Exotic India

I love this shop! I hope you do as well. Namaste!