Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jagua or Henna • Which to Choose

Jagua does offer some advantages that henna tattoo just can't. Because Jagua is not a heat activated paste an artist can apply it most anywhere on your body. 

For those who want temporary tattoos on the shoulders, back, side, thigh or other areas where henna is not use, this product will stain your skin. 

I do see that stencils are often sold with the kits, so if you are a beginner to this kind of art, you are in luck! You can transfer the pattern and trace it using  a squeeze bottle with a needle style tip. 

I kept doing research and have decided I will not take up the art form for the following reasons:


Henna Paste: I can make a several cones of first class henna paste with fresh powder and premium oils for less than $5.00 a cone.  

A 2 oz squeeze applicator of Jagua at retail costs $25.95. The kits are about the same price. I would have to charge far more for Jagua tattoos than I do for henna. 


Henna: I can mix the henna to be just as I like it. A more liquid paste penetrates your skin and dries more slowly (10 t0 15 minutes) so that you get a great color. 

Jagua: It is sold as a gel if I buy a pre-mix, so I have little control of the way it flows. If I buy a mix it up kit, then I can have more control but spend 3 to 5 times as much as I do for a henna cone. 

Dry Time:  

Henna: Henna paste will dry in 15 minutes. I will spray it with a lemon/sugar mixture (touch of clove oil) to help the paste stay on your skin as long as possible. You can then go out an enjoy the day. 

Jagua: Instructions suggest your remain still and allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for jagua to completely dry. There are additional instructions that indicate that getting a Jagua tattoo will define your day!


Henna stains best on hands, feet, arms below the elbow and legs to the knee. I also offer belly tattoo for pregnancy and henna art for the head for chemo patients. 

Jaugau sites show photos of Jauga tattoo in many places I cannot place henna. Jagua vendors offer the same suggestions about placement for best color as I have listed above. 


Henna: You have control over the finished color. The longer you leave the paste on the skin, the hotter you get (sweating is good), the deeper the henna stain can  penetrate your skin.  

As well, after you have taken the paste off if you keep a light coat of coconut, olive, or other natural oil on the skin. If you keep the area warm over the next 48 hours you can help your design darken and last longer. 

Jagua: The final result seems to depend on leaving the paste undisturbed on your skin for as long as possible. Just as with henna, it takes 48 hours for the final color to appear. 

I think I like the idea of henna best. Each person will get their own unique finished color. Henna paste can give a wide range of tattoo shades. I make a fragrant paste that many find refreshing to wear. 

I hope you find this post helpful. If you are having good experiences getting  Jagua, please send a note and I will reconsider. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

Henna Tattoo or Jagua? What are you seeing?

I had a few disappointed customers at the shop last Saturday. They brought in samples of Jauga body art and were hoping that I could do a henna tattoo similar to the ones they found online.  Most often the answer is no. 

Jagua is more of an ink.
Henna is a paste. 

Jagua stains the skin a blue/black color and is made from a plant found in the Amazon. 
Henna stains the skin a red to reddish brown (or black cherry red if we are lucky). 

Jagua is shown on the back, thighs, the neck, and the upper arms. 
Henna is for hands, arms, feet and legs! 

I will no longer try to accomodate those who want a henna on the thigh, back or neck. I will do an upper arm band with the statement that you will not get the same rich stain as you would if you put henna on the palms of the hands or the inner wrist. 

Even if I bring the best paste possible to the event, if you do not follow the aftercare tips, then you may not get as dark a design as is possible. 

Please be sure you have No lotion, No sunscreen and No hand sanitizer on your skin. To work, henna has to actually come in contact with your skin! 

Notice the henna is darkest at the fingers. Lighter on the arm.
Please put the henna where you are going to be able to keep an eye on it through out the day. The best color happens when people leave the paste on 4 to 8 hours. 

To get really good color, please sweat?? If you go home to an air conditioned room set at 72 degrees you will not get the same dark stain as someone who wanders about the arts markets or walks by the river for a few hours. 

Henna is a heat activated body art! Heat is good. 

Things that are not good for henna: 

Washing the paste off. ( Scrape off & then apply a natural oil.) 
Removing the paste in less than four hours. 
Cholrine water. 
Swimming pools. 

So, most of the photos you see on my pages are photos of the henna paste on the skin. Sometimes people send me the “affter” photos.  

The best after photos /best color designs are from those women who really work to get the best color. Here are some tricks they use to get good color:
They have the design applied to their hands!
They stay warm.

They may dab the design (or spray it) with their own lemon juice/sugar/water mix through the day. 

They may sleep with a sport sock on their hand. 
They might oil the design and then blow dry it for 5 minutes off an on through out the first day. 

It takes 48 hours for the finished color to appear on the skin. This gives lots of time for you to help the process along. 

Of course many people get great color without doing anything extra at all. 

I write this because I want  you to have the best, darkest, longest lasting henna tattoo possible. Also to emphasize I do not do Jagua. 


Friday, July 07, 2017

How to Get the Best Henna Tattoo

In Jacksonville, Florida, you have the opportunity to be decorated in the “color of love” by an artist with 20 years experience in the art of henna tattoo. 

Henna tattoo is a body art that stains the skin leaving a red to reddish brown design that can last 7 to 10 days if you take good care of your canvas.       

Fresh and fragrant henna paste is made using food grade tea & spices. First quality essential oils and fresh henna powder are combined to make a calming paste that flows easily onto your skin.     

Traditionally applied to the hands and feet, the purpose of henna is to compliment the natural beauty of the client. Every one has different hands!  Some are more square, some long and thing, some are oval and some are rugged. 

Every design will not look good on you. In fact, if you are a tiny person, some of the designs you see online may not fit as pictured on your hand.  

It is good to tell your artist the style of henna you like, or to have a few images in your phone of designs you prefer. Please note that a $15 design will give you a simple, yet lovelyhenna design.

If you would like a full backhand henna design with cuff, then that pattern choice will cost more. Henna pricing is determined by the amount of time it takes to accomplish your pattern. 

Some hennas that take up a lot of room on the hand may cost $15 as the art is open and bold.   Other henna tattoos that cover the backhand with a cuff may cost $30. (Pricing is per hand - or foot. )

If you do choose to have henna applied to your feet here are few tips:

  • Wear shoes that do not cover the area where you want the design. 
  • Please come when it is not raining! 
  • Please exfoliate and do not apply any lotion to your feet at all! 

So, to get the best henna tattoo, tell your artist the styles you like and how much you want to spend. Then, relax and enjoy the experience. 

Spirit Vision Henna has a large portfolio of images to look at when you come to the shop. As well there are many photos on this blog. Like us on Facebook to see even more patterns. 

You can walk in most Saturdays between 12:30 & 5:00 pm to get a henna tattoo at Midnight Sun in Five Points, Jacksonville. We are pleased to work in one of the loveliest shops in town.

If you have a bit of a wait, there is so much to see!