Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bridal Henna for the Palm - A 35 Minute Design

bridal henna tattoo palm tattoo

Here is a photo of a traditional henna tattoo for the palm. The design is a synthesis of traditional India henna style and a touch of the bold Arabic fashion.

After viewing the work of many fine artists, and benefiting from some videos, I made a thinner paste than usual and used a mylar cone to create this tattoo.

With a thin paste (almost like tempra paint texture) and a very fine tip on the cone, I was able to do more intricate mehandi much faster than ever before.

I started at the top most portion of the wrist, marked out the primary design areas first, then filled those in with finer lines.

I followed the same process for the hand... which is how I achieved the reverse image paisley on the palm.

The dark centers of the flowers that surround the paisley help set it off. Each finger is different, which gives a spontaneous look to my eye. I will post the foot tattoo pattern tomorrow.

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