Friday, May 16, 2008

Inspiration! Arabic Henna Pattern for the Leg

I am so inspired by this fantastic (unknown) ARTIST on You Tube that I had to try a five minute design. To the left is the result.

Of course the advantage of free-style, anything I want to do henna - a.k.a. Chef's Choice - is that I can just draw. I used my regular plastic cone, but did tape the end to a finer, and more firm point. I like this improvement. I also notice that in many of the videos, the artists are working with a wetter paste than I bring to Midnight Sun. The advantage of the wet pastes is deeper penetration of color and finer lines. However, a wet paste makes for a longer dry time, and requires that a client be a bit more mindful of the artwork. Now always easy in our car culture.

I was inspired by some HOW TO ROLL HENNA CONES Videos from You Tube once again, and if you click the links, you can go get some inspiration as well.

Of course I also found more great art.. patterns I would really like to be able to do here in town. If you check out this VIDEO.. you will see that henna on the hands is a good thing! Of course you don't have to order the full bridal images you see, but I am looking for practice volunteers who have some free hours, and a driver, to polish up my bridal skills.

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