Thursday, May 15, 2008

Henna Tattoo for the Lower Back

It's summer time here in Florida, and we are starting to tattoo the lower back. This bold pattern is taken once again from the "Sangeet" pattern book by Neeta Sharma available on line at Tap Dancing Lizard.

Her bold designs are very popular for henna parties. Her henna patterns offer the traditional feeling of henna in bold lines that are visually very compelling.

For lower back tattoo, be sure to wear a crop top and low rider pants so that there is plenty of room for your design. It is also important to let the design get good and dry before going out into the afternoon heat as too much sweating can cause a design to "melt" or to run if the paste is not sufficeintly dry.

I would love to see you all when I return to Midnight Sun on Saturday, May 24th. Please feel welcome to visit Spirit Vision Henna for henna tattoo photo galleries & more information.

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