Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gilded Henna Tattoo - simple & elegant

gilded henna tattoo for women of color

Here is an example of the exotic beauty possible with just a bit of gilding added to your design. We started with a simple, flowing floral pattern, not too busy, not too bold, and then, once it was dry, added a bit of golden gilding to highlight the tattoo.

Notice how the golden color compliments the clients hand!! as well as her nails. This gilding paste was made with a stiff setting gel & some fine golden (jewel tone) cosmetic powder from a good costume shop.

You may want to click the photo to enlarge it for a better view. It is possible to see the tiny spots of gold added to the pattern at the tip of the finger. This was a "chef's choice" pattern, and I am sure you can see it is a popular floral motif, modified to fit the clients hand.

Gilding pastes come in a variety of colors... but it is important to know that they will only last for the day. When you take your henna paste off, the gilding comes away, and unlike the henna, there is no dye left after the paste is removed. For those of you new to henna tattoo, the dark paste you see is NOT black henna, but a photo of the tattoo with the paste still on the skin.

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